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The iPhone XS Max Passes The Durability Test – The Glass However Is Not An Upgrade Over Last Year

Just recently Apple announced their latest lineup of iPhones for 2018. With only a few key features highlighted, this year’s iPhone looked almost the same and with no real innovation. Apple claimed to have used better quality materials and that is what makes the iPhone so special.

The famous Youtuber JerryRigEverything uploaded the durability test for the iPhone XS Max. Things however were not so different from last year’s iPhone X. Apple claimed to have put a better, more durable glass on the iPhone and a “Sapphire” camera lens protector but the test painted a different picture.

Overall the stainless steel body proved to be extremely strong compared to aluminum used in most smartphones. Also the display itself passed the heat test with flying colors. One thing which surfaced was that they decided NOT to add a headphone dongle this time around.

The performance was great as to be expected for a smartphone which costs more than a $1000. Catch the action here;

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