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Xiaomi BlackShark 2 Leaked – Features RGB Logo and Sides, Glass-Back & More

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Xiaomi made debuted its first gaming smartphone late last year. Thanks to a nice catch by the folks over at NDTV who suspect the launch of a new BlackShark device already, it seems like the first leaks have started to make their way through Xiaomi’s garden walls. In a video recently uploaded to Weibo, we finally get to see what Xiaomi has been baking behind its secretive curtains in less than a year.

The video uploaded to Weibo responsible for leaking the Xiaomi BlackShark showcases some interesting changes making their way to the forefront. Following Razer’s decision to enable RGB on the Razer Phone 2, it seems like Xiaomi wants to take it a step further. Not only does the BlackShark logo on the phone now light up with RGB, but now the sides too. This simply calls for a gamer’s “eye-candy” as they call it and is one of the factors hardcore gamer’s love to have in their PC gaming peripherals.

For now, we would refrain from speculating what the internals may be. However, given that the original BlackShark released in April, 2018, we feel as if the leak came in too early. In addition to that, while the leak does seem promising, leaks could be faked, especially when a device comes up this early. But if the device does make it’s way to the market next year, we should be looking at a new SoC in the BlackShark 2, such as the Snapdragon 855 that is suspected to be way faster than the 845 and that the Snapdragon 855 would support 5G out of the box.

The vapor-chamber cooling system on the Razer Phone 2 is vastly larger than what most devices offer.

In addition to that, we’d love to see if Xiaomi does try to implement a body-sized vapor-chamber water-cooling solution to keep the device cool as Xiaomi did implement special tweaks to the Snapdragon 845 on the BlackShark. If they do, not only would the phone be able to dissipate heat much efficiently, but it would also be able to spread the heat out to a larger surface area, eventually, killing off any hot spots.

The BlackShark was Xiaomi’s take on the mobile gaming market following the launch of the Razer Phone. The phone featured incredible hardware and featured green accents all across it for those appealing gamer-like vibes. In addition to that, it was among the very first among a handful of competitors that featured liquid cooling in smartphones at the time. If Xiaomi does intend to take full advantage of the RGB craze, we wouldn’t be surprised to see if Xiaomi tries to utilize the RGB lighting on the device to signal the user for notifications corresponding to the app colors.


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