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PowerColor & XFX AMD RX 590 FireStrike Benchmarks Leaked – It’s a Sweet Spot Between RX 580 and Vega 56

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Afrasiyab Khan
Afrasiyab Khan
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The AMD Radeon RX 590 has been in the leaks for quite a while now. From YouTubers getting RX 590 review units to actual box pictures, we all know that the card is in the works. The PowerColor and XFX RX 590s have been spotted in 3DMark’s FireStrike benchmark results.

PowerColor & XFX AMD RX 590 FireStrike Benchmarks Leaked - It's a Sweet Spot Between RX 580 and Vega 56

In the benchmarks, the XFX RX 590 is tested at 1580MHz and 1680MHz on the core, with memory clock being 2GHz. On the other hand, the PowerColor RX 590 is tested at 1576 MHz and 1680MHz, along with 2GHz on the memory clock.

The FireStrike Extreme GPU score of the RX 590 came out to be 7,350 points. This is a great number, considering the likely competitor of this GPU, the GTX 1060, scores around 5100 points in the same benchmark. The RX 590 is filling the gap between the RX 580 and the Vega 56. If the RX 590 is priced competitively, it’s gonna be a great option for gamers that are on a budget. Considering the price of the AMD RX Vega 56, which we found to be around $350 cheapest, the success of the RX 590 depends a lot on its price. The clock speeds are not bad either. With some overclocking headroom, at around 1700MHz, the RX 590 should be able to come close to the GTX 1070, if this leak is to be believed.

It is great to see AMD pushing to keep their tread in the GPU market, especially the upper-budget segment. The RX 590 is based on the 12nm Polaris architecture, which is quite old now. Still, the performance numbers are indeed impressive. We expect the RX 590 to cost around $250-$300 at launch. With record sales in the CPU market and the world’s first 7nm GPUs, things are looking great for AMD.


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