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Samsung Announces Q3 2018 Results – Shows 10% Decline In Mobile Sales

They surely need to work on their budget devices...

Samsung just announced their 3rd quarter 2018 results in terms of sales. The statistics show that the IT and Mobile division’s revenue has decreased over 10% in only a matter of 12 months. Now given the fact that smartphone manufacturers have been busy these past few days with their releases such as the Pixel 3, iPhone XS, OnePlus 6T and much more. But Samsung claims that the only reason for the decline is due to fewer sales of their mid-range smartphones.

The report suggests that their flagships performed well despite the competition. It was the mid-ranged devices, the Galaxy Alpha series and the J series particularly. Given that the competition has heated up drastically these past few years with brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus pushing the limits to the very extreme this was definitely expected. The Pocophone F1 itself sets such an amazing example by offering insanely good price to performance ratios. Samsung Announces Q3 2018 Results - Shows 10% Decline In Mobile Sales 3
The sales generated in this quarter summed up to $22.3 Billion while last year’s Q3 results show $24.8 Billion in sales. This fatal blow could possibly risk Samsung’s reach in the budget category and may very well effect the sales permanently. Samsung plans on providing 5G technology to U.S and Korea will very well allow better sales in the IT department and they are expected to perform better in the ending quarter. Since we know that Qualcomm is ready for 5G and the Galaxy S10 may very well have 5G capabilities this might improve their standpoint somewhat in the coming year.

Economically the next quarter may post better results but currently, the market is certainly covered by Chinese brands in the budget smartphone division. We hope to see better performance by the tech giant, especially in the lower price bracket.

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