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Apple’s New Credit Card Is Yet Another Tactic To Lock Users Down Into It’s Ecosystem

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Apple has been the pioneer of modern smartphones. The first ever iPhone crossed boundaries of innovation and showcased the potential of handheld computing. Ever since then, Apple has had a lot to go along and it’s game plan has shifted significantly from being a tech manufacturer to an all-out brand. The brand swiftly shifted from providing premium products to a more service-oriented company offering unique services and software exclusive on their devices to users.

The Gradient Of Apple Products – From Raw Innovation To An Ecosystem

The iPhone is undoubtedly the most recognizable product from Apple and it has come a long way from the first ever iPhone. The first iPhone 3G offered top of the line internals and premium hardware which at the time was pretty new to the consumer base. A phone was considered as an accessory and a necessity but Apple shifted that mindset of the people. The iPhone by Apple made people believe that it was a lifestyle more than an accessory or a tool.

This move opened up the concept to a majority of folks who were not in any way interested in purchasing tech. Modern iPhones, on the other hand, have strayed away from a vision which Steve Jobs stood for. Modern iPhones now feature gimmicks rather than pure innovation and a yearly release is mandatory for a gimmicky generation gap to grab the most of revenues.

The Dawn & Invasion Of Apple Exclusive Services

Apple has always created its own solutions for its users rather than relying on third-party developers or services. Even the first iPhone featured a custom operating system and Apple decided to leave Android which at the time was well advanced. Fast forward to 12 years and iOS is one of the most refined and advanced operating systems on smartphones. The above chart clearly shows how Apple has shifted from a hardware powered company to a more software oriented one.

This immense success led Apple’s software development up a notch. Afterwards, Apple introduced the Apple App Store, iCloud, iTunes and many many more. Apple Recently introduced the latest member of its fleet of services, the Apple Card. Now, this service holds immense potential and could revolutionize modern day banking but keeping it exclusive to iPhones is definitely a loss in potential.

Restricting Apple services for devices other than the iPhone definitely add to the perks of getting the iPhone and bounds folks interested in those services to stay in Apple’s ecosystem despite the fact that their upcoming devices are not as innovative as its competitors. Personally, I’ve met countless folks claiming that Apple’s services are in fact amazing and don’t generally have an equivalent alternative but they are bound to purchase Apple products.

Conclusion & Ending Statement

Despite amazing innovation being brought in Android devices, users are forced to purchase successors to Apple products in order to upgrade. This while being frustrating for users is a way for Apple to make quality sales of their products. Keeping folks in their ecosystem helps them the most since the users even if they tried wouldn’t be able to leave it. Now, Apple has actually ported some of its services out to the Google Play Store like Apple Music, iMessage and more but the core applications still remain exclusive to the iPhone.

The future of Apple and its products still remain the same and as time progresses we only hope for them to work for the betterment of technology rather than their own cause. Now don’t get me wrong, Apple products are likeable, in fact, the iPhone offers the best software experience on a smartphone and the camera performance is phenomenal. Yet the phone still lacks basic features and compatibility with third-party products. All in all, we hope that Apple does add functionality for other manufacturers since it would not only bring in more sales for Apple products but would also bring new levels of innovation for the general consumer.


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