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Motorola One’s Four Variant Names Revealed By Credible Tipster

Motorola’s upcoming smartphone was recently teased a couple of times and shown to host quite a few unique features. The device’s oute body seemed very streamlined yet authentic and the phone was to host a whopping 4 camera setup on the back. Fast things forward, courtesy of Evan Blass the names of various different variants of the Motorola flagship have been confirmed.

The device is confirmed to be named after the “Motorola One” brand and a total of four variants would ship globally namely, Motorola One Power, Motorola One Vision, Motorola One Action. As ridiculous as the names sound, the news comes from an authentic source and Motorola seems to plan on spicing things up this year. With competition levelling up by a significant margin the brand hopes to keep up with the pace by releasing various variants focussing on different aspects.

Our speculation says that Motorola would definitely want to limit its latest arsenal for its 5G capabilities. Given how big of a deal 5G has become, an external module slapped on to any Moto device would pretty much defeat its purpose. We think that one of the variants would be exclusive to 5G and would completely harness the power of 5G. As for the other devices, differences in camera sensors and camera technology could be expected.

Given how well smartphone cameras are performing these days, I won’t be surprised if Motorola slaps a minimalistic camera setup on the lower end variant. However, with great variants comes great responsibility and if all four of the devices are true then Motorola would need to provide the best customer support. Having four phones released simultaneously is never easy and only time will tell how well Motorola deals with the obstacle.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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