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The Contrast Of Smartphone Manufacturer Strategy Visualized Over The Course Of A Year

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Ibtehaj Temuri
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This year is off to a great start, we’re almost halfway through and major manufacturers have already brought in their flagships for the year. From Samsung, Huawei to all the way up to Xiaomi and Nokia, each and every single device has brought in something new to the table and is true to a unique signature. Amidst all the similarities, major smartphones have chosen a certain aspect of their device and improved upon it significantly this time around.

2019 not only spices things up in the innovation department but also seems to spice up the approach of smartphone manufacturers. Gone are the days when everyone would hop on the bandwagon to pursue a singular feature of their device like the display, battery life or whatever seemed right. As late as 2018 we saw manufacturers hopping on the notch bandwagon trying their best to rectify borders and bezels of their flagships. Some even came up with direct solutions to the notch like the pop-up design by Oppo and the slider mechanism from Xiaomi.

The Contrast Of Smartphones From 2018 & 2019

However, as this year proceeds one thing stood out of the inevitable which by far couldnt be neglected. It is the fact that despite various trends circling around the media space it holds very little influence especially in the more premium smartphone department. It seems that those days remain no more when manufacturers would directly compete working on innovation in the same sector as the other and boast on their progress. 2019 brings various smartphones with their own footprint unique to any other and more specifically a unique selling point.

With the exception of a couple of homologous features pretty much everything is changing amongst smartphones. For instance, the Nokia 9 hosts a five-camera setup and that bizarre setup act as its main selling point. Now, Huawei’s P30 Pro which has a very similar approach offers a triple camera set up at the back but the approach here is completely opposite of Nokia. Instead of relying on multiple sensors to bring out the best image, Huawei presents diverse sensors with a revamped colour sensing technology namely “RYYB”. Now considering the Galaxy S10 which has been the most awaited smartphone of the year, it offers a punch hole display which in theory should become the next sensation for 2019 but it actually hasnt.

We’ve seen barely a couple of devices mimic the design that too out of competition while most of the regular flagships stick with the teardrop notch. This fact doesnt mean that competitors have stopped competiting but it just shows that they’ve learnt over time. This means that brands have learnt to take a more tactical approach instead of going head to head with the tech giants. This feature alone has allowed Chinese smartphone manufacturers to take over half the smartphone markets especially in the budget department.

As for the consumer, this change in gameplay has proved effective. Prices for mid-rangers have come down significantly with better support and reliability. Moreover, this change in plan hosts a ton more potential for innovations to proceed and new innovations to cater to. This new gameplan has improved competition, offered diversity and most importantly kept enthusiasts busy throughout the year.


In conclussion, this change of pace is directly proportional to innoavtion and progress which for both the consumer and the manufacturer is the most important aspect of a device. This has also allowed brands to experiment more with their smartphones. Samsung for instance has chosen the Galaxy A series to act as a lab rat which first introduces any major sort of change in technology and then closely follows the feedback on the devices. The positive feats of the device later on progress towards the Galaxy S series which Samsung likes to maintain in a perfectionist manner. In coming days we expect more and more manufacturers to start experimenting more and more since the tides have turned and there isnt really much to lose. Xiaomi as a matter of fact has been extremely diverse recenty. The Chinese brand has covered almost every corner of the smartphone market except the U.S and is definitely not going to stop any time soon. Similarly we hope that brands do more towards the progress of innovation for the betterment for both their and our future.


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