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Pokemon GO Revenues Reach $65 Million Last Month, Year On Year Growth Recorded At 15%

Pokemon GO has been a living sensation ever since its release way back in 2016. The game garnered a ton of attention and publicity mostly from millennials who have been attached to the franchise ever since their childhood.

As by the most recent report by Sensor Tower, the revenue garnered by the game has already surpassed $65 million which is astounding considering it makes up a 15% increment over April of the previous year. This just shows that people’s love and affection for the game has never really stopped and although the hype may have settled down, the game has been growing at a very steady pace.

Moreover, there are quite a few factors involved in the success of the title. The game was one of the first to implement the AR technology for video games and approached the classic franchise with a modern twist with practical tasks and mission to achieve the objective. Memes about the famous Pikachu have also influenced sales quite a bit and since the Detective Pikachu movie is right around the corner, we speculate that the numbers are to grow even more.

Player spendings have been up by 33% throughout all platforms at about $270 million compared over last year’s $203 million. The title itself has climbed three spots up the top ten ladder, being placed at the 7th spot compared to last year’s 10th spot. Overall the game has proved its worth and continues to grow. It has proven that the additional content constantly added to the game is definitely worthy and all in all the future itself looks bright.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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