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First Look At Xbox Series X Gameplay To Be Revealed Next Week

Xbox Series X is set to make its way to the consumer market later this year and until then Microsoft has launched an “Inside Xbox” program that showcases the abilities of the upcoming console. The program has showcased a lot for the console including RTX capabilities and much more.

However, this time around the next episode in the program will for the first time show the actual gameplay features of the Xbox Series X. The insider first look will premiere on May the 7th at 11 AM ET.

First Look At Xbox Series X Gameplay To Be Revealed Next Week 4

Now the console itself looks promising and while Microsoft did reveal its RTX capabilities on Minecraft not much is still out in the open when it comes to raw gameplay footage. Interestingly enough Microsoft’s openness about the whole next-generation console program might give them an edge over competitors like Sony who haven’t been very straight forward when it comes to brass tack details.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is sure to make its way to Xbox Series X and we could expect beta gameplay of the title in this premiere. More importantly, this very much needed insight would give gamers a more well-rounded opinion about the new console as Microsoft plans on its release later this year.

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