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Upcoming Batman Game A Total Reboot, Source Claims

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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The Batman series by Rocksteady has been one of the most phenomenal action thriller games. With Batman Arkham Knight being the latest addition to the franchise its been about 5 years without a direct successor to the franchise. It seems as if Warner Brothers completely forgot about Batman.

All is not lost however because a source claims to have confirmed that Warner Brothers have been working on a soft reboot of their Arkham series. Now take this with a pinch of salt since there’s not much to go along with here. However, the leak suggests a lot more than just a reboot. Fans expected a subtle reference to the previous Arkham games in a world set after a few years of Batman with Robin as his successor.

All of this yet seems to have no real application it seems. The new soft reboot is claimed to be a totally different series followed by a subtle indication that there’s a lot more to come and that WB Montreal would build a cohesive DC Universe in videogames. Now Rocksteady has been extremely good with its games. Having stunning visuals, an engaging character presence and of course a bold very DC storyline which fans love.

While there’s been no concrete proof for what to expect yet we could be expecting a reveal date or at least a teaser quite soon. Fans have been eager for a new Batman game since it’s been almost half a decade since their last game and to be quite honest it did underperform given the achievements achieved by the previous titles.

We could’ve expected appearances in one of the gaming events like E3 etc, however, most of them just happen to not take place while the rest go completely digital. Not all hope is lost and we could be expecting an appearance in one of these digital game events.


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