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Far Cry 6 Contents Leak Out Prior To Ubisoft Forward Stream – First Look At Giancarlo’s Antagonist & More

Far Cry 6 has been the talk of the week ever since Breaking Bad Actor, Giancarlo’s role was confirmed in the game fans have been more excited than ever. Originally meant as a first look at Ubisoft’s upcoming online event dubbed Ubisoft Forward the game was set to raise quite a few eyebrows.

Despite all that, key elements of the game were leaked online through a Japanese PSN page of the game. First look at the cover art, as well as a short clip revealing Giancarlo’s antagonist, surfaced including what seems to be the initial release date for the game.

Far Cry 6 Contents Leak Out Prior To Ubisoft Forward Stream - First Look At Giancarlo's Antagonist & More 4

Looking at the leaked screenshot the release date is stated to be 18th of February 2021 given of course some sort of leeway in deadlines. While all of that is fine what’s interesting are the fan theories surfacing all over Reddit.

Showcasing the antagonist standing behind a young boy who seems to be his son, the cover art is truly something unorthodox even for Ubisoft. Fans were quick on their theories and immediately started comparing the young boy with the ever so famous Vaas from Far Cry 3. The resemblance in their eyebrows further supports their theories.

Assuming the rumours do come true, this would mean that players get to experience a prequel and a total background to Vaas’s character which is something interesting. Far Cry series has always experimented in various ways trying out different approaches. It’ll be a worthy sight to see how this holds up at release.

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