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Majority Of Console Enthusiasts Plan On Upgrading To Next-Gen In The U.K Within 6 Months – Survey Suggests

A survey conducted by folks over at Experience12 concluded that the majority of gamers most notably previous console enthusiasts planned on upgrading to next-generation consoles. The survey consisted of over 3000 pop culture enthusiasts in the U.K with over 84% of them planning on upgrading within the 6-month window after release.

It is undeniable that consoles have evolved to such a degree that even hardcore PC enthusiasts could easily be swayed into buying one. Having much more realistic options and independence, the upcoming consoles have taken the highlights of the PC master race and toned it down to the average home console.

The survey also suggested that the ratio to folks choosing the next console was 3:1 in favour of the upcoming PS5. It seems that the never-ending popularity of the PS4 put a good word for Sony despite countless arguments in favour of the Xbox regarding power, compatibility, games and so much more that Microsoft improved upon from previous mistakes.

Moreover, another recent study confirmed for a fact that over 66% of gamers do not belong to any ecosystem henceforth leaving a massive gap for next-generation consoles. This opportunity only further supports the argument that the launch sales could very well benefit from this. Furthermore, the current situation of the global pandemic puts people at ease to stay home and practice isolation where consoles play a major role.

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