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Newest Xbox One Update Removes Mixer From The Every Console

The mixer has been the go-to platform when it comes to first-party streaming for Xbox users. While the platform joined the market with a bit of a flashy entrance signing top tier streamers like Ninja and Shroud, things didn’t quite work out the way they hoped. The latest update on the Xbox One disposes of the dying application for all users.

Interestingly enough Twitch had the market completely cornered despite Microsoft’s dire efforts. This, in turn, caused them to completely shut off Mixer in a recent announcement. However, things weren’t that simple behind the scenes.

In an attempt to try and enter the competitive market once again, Microsoft joined hands with Facebook for a rebranded “Facebook Gaming” platform. However, the whole deal was unappealing for them thanks to recent backlash on Mark Zuckerberg for allowing hate speech on Facebook.

However bumpy the ride may be, it is clear that the whole arena is truly one-sided and there’s a dire need for some competition. Yet not much has been done in that regard. Microsoft’s efforts seem to be at the right place at the moment considering how the whole streaming concept has grown especially in these times of social distancing.

As for Xbox users, they may very well add a proper replacement for the application despite preferences. Moreover, the current update is live for all Xbox One users regardless.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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