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Trusty Tweet Confirms Exciting New Announcements For Both Xbox & PlayStation In Coming Weeks

Despite having their own full-fledged reveal both Sony and Microsoft seemed to have held back some important stuff for later. In a Tweet by Tom Philips from Eurogamer, it was confirmed that Sony is, in fact, holding back important 1st party as well as 3rd party titles which would then be revealed in their State of Play event taking place in the coming weeks.

Similarly, Xbox hasn’t shown all of its cards yet and while the Xbox event takes place on 23rd of July we’ll surely be having a busy month filled with announcements. Moreover, since everything is going digital these days it’ll be interesting to see how they manage the event.

Understandably enough fans have been coming up with their own theories specifically for the State of Play announcement. It is typical Sony behaviour to leave the best for last and fans have been extremely excited perhaps because we’ve only seen Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man’s sequel for the PS5 while the core exclusives that defined the PS4 like God of War were left off completely.

While others believe that we might get to see a totally new take on some of the classic franchises like Silent Hill or we may even get a Batman spin-off since it was claimed to be in production. Not much could be said about the contents of the event yet spirits run high and folks are definitely eager for this new wave of announcements.

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