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Apple’s App Store Directly Promotes PUBG Mobile’s New Update On Twitter

The ongoing Apple-Epic fiasco at hand is still undecided post formal meetings held in court. As a retaliatory move, Apple completely barred Epic’s Unreal engine access to its hardware. Leaving many developers and coders hanging indefinitely at the moment. While the whole fiasco started from Fortnite, one of the most popular Battle Royale games at the moment. Reportedly, the two companies had a disagreement with the App Store policy suggesting the price cut taken by Apple. Since both the companies took the offensive approach to the whole disagreement, the situation worsened and escalated. Not only were millions of users abruptly blocked from the game but countless developers suffered as Apple seized everything related to Epic Games.

As of today, the official App Store Twitter page has Tweeted a promotional message regarding an upcoming event in PUBG Mobile. Effectively Fortnite’s only major rival in the mobile gaming segment, PUBG Mobile has clearly taken priority for Apple. The Tweet not only promotes the rival title of the game banned on the platform but further proves the fact that Apple currently has no concrete plans on bringing back Fortnite.

As the situation further escalates, many have come in support of Epic Games. The likes of Microsoft filing a public statement in support of at least access to Unreal Engine is something that should help settle the matter. However, there seems to be no end in sight at the moment.

Apple's App Store Directly Promotes PUBG Mobile's New Update On Twitter 2
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