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PS4’s Digital Game Sales Grew Over 150% Year On Year During April-June

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Ibtehaj Temuri
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PlayStation 4 has to be the benchmark for a successful console when it comes to modern-day gaming. Despite living its final stage, game sales have been increasing at a constant rate.

As reported by our trusty source, PS4’s video game sales almost doubled year over year recorded during the months of April and June. From 49.8 million units sold last year versus 91 million copies this year. The results are clear and it is totally believable considering how much hype upcoming exclusives brought to the platform. Moreover, the pandemic allowed more and more folks to stay indoors and resulted in more time spent on video games.

However, this isn’t the only staggering change brought over last year. In fact, digital sales saw a massive jump over the previous year by going up by over 154% from a mere 26.4 million copies to over 67.3 million copies. Going more than thrice its previous record it is evident that not only has the pandemic caused digital sales to grow at a staggering amount but it also didn’t affect the sales of physical copies.

The PS5 is all set to release with a completely digital edition and this data just proves how thought out was Sony’s plan. Despite increasing digital game sales over three times, the efficiency and reliability of having physical discs remained constant henceforth removing all suspicions induced by fans during the PS5 reveal.


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