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Sony To Continue Releasing Its First-Party Titles On PC In Order To Promote “Profitability”

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Sony’s Corporate report for 2020 has gone live on its official website and there are quite a few key points raised in the report itself. Sony over these past few years has shown areas of flexibility allowing more leeway for innovation. The PlayStation platform alone is a fine example of how well the company has evolved, learning from past experiences. The corporate report confirms that Sony would, in fact, be expanding its 1st party titles on PC solely for profitability reasons.

We will explore expanding our 1st party titles to the PC platform,

in order to promote further growth in our profitability.


Sony’s PlayStation like any other console at the moment was and is considered to be a very closed ecosystem. With very little going on outside its own circle, PlayStation’s player base relies solely on Sony’s efforts with very little third party impact. However, things are starting to change especially in the gaming department. Sony’s been known to lure in players towards its platform by introducing impressive exclusive titles meant solely for the PlayStation. Recently, however, many studios under Sony have gone and released games on the PC platform.

The exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn is the latest one to be ported on the PC, it is evident that Sony’s gameplan has evolved over time. The PlayStation brand does not aim for a static look rather a more welcoming outlook. With games like Detroit: Become Human and Death Stranding making their way on PC it is clear that we’d be expecting more from the studios behind Sony exclusives.

Recently the company decided to rebrand all its studios under the “PlayStation Studios” branding making it easier for them to operate and clear out their objectives. This could very well help them to expand towards the PC platform as reported.


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