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Apple To Not Lift Epic Games Ban On iOS For At Least A Year

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Ibtehaj Temuri
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Apple and Epic Games have been in a legal war for quite some time over disagreements regarding Apple’s cut over App Store purchases. However, this issue escalated quite a bit and disagreements led to a full-fledged lawsuit with no end in sight. This in turn made Apple put a complete ban on Epic Games’ access to Apple built technology including Unreal Engine.

While things do look grim for the general consumer and the devs Apple plans on keeping the ban up for another year. In a recent report, Apple confirmed that it will terminate Epic’s App Developer agreement and would not allow them to re-apply for at least a year. This proves that folks would not be able to play Fortnite on their Apple devices before August 2021 at the very most.

Epic Games on the other hand has in fact file a preliminary injunction though this matter at hand seems to go on forever and is only hurting the lower tier folks and the general consumer base. Assuming no changes occur, Developers wouldn’t be able to access Unreal Engine on Apple devices for at least another year hurting their livelihood. The unreal engine itself plays a key role in App development in many cases and being able to resume work should take utmost priority over such disagreements between corporate organizations.


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