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Broadway’s ‘Funny Girl’ Revealed all the Cast starring Beanie Feldstein Release dete?

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The upcoming revival of Funny Girl on Broadway has been fully cast. The musical stars Beanie Feldstein as Fanny Brice, Jane Lynch Ramin Karimloo, and Jared Grimes.

Join them on stage for this new musical about the life and times of Florenz Ziegfeld, which will be led by award-winning actor Peter Francis James. As his lead actress Ephie Aardema takes up role as Emma/Mrs. Nadler while Debra Cardona plays two women in one character! Other performers include Toni DiBuono who tackles various parts throughout this production or Martin Moran playing Tom Keeney – so don’t miss it!”

The cast of “What’s Up With These Names?” also includes bevy actors that you might recognize from various films and television shows. They include: Afra Hines, Masumi Iwai Aliah James Jeremiah Johnson Julie Benko Amber Ardolino Daniel Beeman Colin Bradbury Kurt Thomas Csolak Danielle Kelsey Stephen Mark Lukas Alicia Hadiya Lundgren JohnATHomas Manzari Liz McCartney Katie Mitchell Justin Prescott Mariah Reives Leslie Blake Walker

The creative team behind the new TV series includes three people with extensive experience in Hollywood. Producer and director Sonia Friedman is overseeing production, while costume designer Susan Hilferty will be working alongside them on set to ensure that every detail of wardrobe worn during filming translates into real-life garments for those playing various roles throughout each episode’s duration.

The dancers are expected to begin rehearsals Monday.

Previews for the musical will start on March 26 at Broadway’s August Wilson Theatre and open April 24th!

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