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iPhone SE 3 Is Very Cheaper; Is It Good Than Other IOS and Android?

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Apple’s new iPhone SE 3 is getting a new upgrade this year(2022); it was launched in 2020. These phones are available at 399 dollars, which is significantly cheaper than iPhone’s other series. With this series, Apple has tried to provide cheap phones. These iPhones are rumored to have 5G support, Face id, and a retro design. The 2020 version has a 4.7 inch Apple display, one single camera, A13 processors, and storage starts with 64Gb(128Gb and 256Gb). If you want a budget-friendly iPhone, then this is for you.

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Is iPhone SE good than other ios and android?

No doubt is that iPhone SE is way cheaper than other iPhones, and it has good capability like other iPhones. You can play many heavy games on this set. Apple has used the A13 bionic chip in these phones inexpensive iPhones. So despite the low price, you will get a fantastic experience while using it. The iPhone SE has Apple’s security, and you can use it for more than five years. However, it only has one camera, while other iPhones have three back cameras. But still, this is a good choice.

iPhone SE is not as good as android as many android companies offer cheaper phones with more attractive features than these phones. For example, Samsung Galaxy A13 5G has a 90Hz display, 5000mah battery, 5G support, and powerful CPU for under 300 dollars. Apple iPhone is not so good compared to this. However, the counterargument can be that we will get Apple security at this price, and iPhone SE can work smoothly for five years.

Moreover, it’s entirely your choice regarding your need. If you love Apple iPhones that this SE can be perfect for you.

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