Pachinko Season 1 Episode 2 Bitter Sweet Scenes, Explained, where to watch


In the early episodes of ” Pachinko”, a heart-touching story we have seen about the past events when the Japanese occupation of Korea began in 1910.

In the previous episode, we could see the protagonist Sunja who was the daughter of Yangiin and Hoonie introduced to us as a teenager in the past scenes and portrayed as a grandmother in the present.

They grow up witnessing the discrimination and racism that Koreans face in their own country. It is so ridiculous that facing discrimination in our own country and till the time in some of the countries this happens.

Suttle Romance of Hansu and Sunja:

Romance of Hansu and Sunja

Episode 2  introduces Koh Hansu who was  Lee Min-Ho enters Sunja’s life. He is originally from Korea and quiet young man. Hansu and Sunja start a romantic relationship, and the latter becomes pregnant.

The director showed us a forbidden love amid the brutality faced by the immigrant family. At this point, I could say Love is everywhere which comes out without seeing the circumstances.

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Hansu reveals that he can’t marry Sunja because he already has a wife and children in Japan. Meanwhile, a sickly Protestant minister named Isak is introduced to us who was “Steve Sanghyun Noh” who takes up lodging at Sunja and her mother’s boarding house on his way to Osaka.

After knowing about Sunja’s determination to raise her child by herself, he asks her if she can come to love another man in her life. 

Episode two reveals the alluring romance between Hansu and Sunja. They meet numerous times and become close to each other. Hansu’s past is portrayed here while they talk to each other.

Meanwhile, Scenes of Solomon meeting Naomi a businesswoman are seen in this episode. In the eighties, Solomon adjusts to his new life. Soloman gets angry when an old friend calls him the son of pachinko man, this shows the hatred of being called but that name.

Then a boss asks what his blood type is, implying his race and questioning where his loyalties lie. These themes of cultural issues add another layer to the series.

The ending Scenes of Solomon meeting Naomi a business woman are seen in this episode. The American Tom Andrews (played by Westworld’s Jimmi Simpson) and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Naomi (‘it’s complicated’) discuss the property owner’s history.

The scenes of expressing their love to each other by kissing are perfectly captured and meeting both while washing clothes says the urge to meet the lover makes us feel more eager to know the upcoming episodes.

sun in washing clothes

This turns out to be a must-watch series in 2022 and certainly a heart wrecking story and hints us from more dramatic scenes 

This episode makes everyone eager to watch upcoming episodes as it introduced many characters.

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