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Sean Penn and Julia Roberts in Starz’s ‘Gaslit’: TV Review! Julia Roberts Hasn’t Changed. But Hollywood Has.

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“History isn’t composed by the weak masses — the afterthoughts, the commies, the queers, and the ladies. It is composed and modified by warriors conveying the flag of rulers.” So proclaims G. Gordon Liddy (Shea Whigham) in the initial minutes of Starz’s Gaslit. In the event that it wasn’t at that point clear which camp he sees himself in, the camera gradually zooms out to uncover him holding his open palm over a fire, in a showcase of machismo however futile as it seems to be upsettingly sensational.


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What he doesn’t understand is that the series he’s on is truth be told a past filled with those supposedly weak masses, and not one especially complimenting to “officers” like him. Adjusted by Robbie Pickering from the webcast Slow Burn, Gaslit intends to focus light on the untold (or if nothing else less popular) stories around the Watergate embarrassment, which is a fine objective all over.

The issue is that it attempts to tell apparently every one of the untold accounts of the Watergate embarrassment on the double, crushing them together into one erratically entertaining yet ridiculously lopsided miniseries.

The tale of Martha Mitchell is to a great extent about power and impact and how men respond to a lady attempting to apply it. You’re somebody who has encountered having power in your reality.

Roberts was the principal entertainer to order a $20 million compensation, for “Erin Brockovich” (2000). For “Mona Lisa Smile” (2003), that figure was $25 million.
Did you carry any of that to Martha?

I surmise I could observe shared traits with Martha in that on a superficial level she’s a lady who’s secure with herself and agreeable around every one of the gentlemen and stogies and knows how to function in a room. Fascinating that her demise, in my point of view in depicting her, was that she would have rather not gone outed and thumped the drum for Nixon, yet individuals answered her.


Roberts is stunning in early episodes as Martha, who appears to go through her days swanning through DC parties like she possesses the room and everybody in it (doubtlessly arousing a lot of wrath for her significant other’s partners), and afterward ringing up her writer companions to share the hot goss from said parties (additionally to the fury of her better half’s associates).

Whenever Martha’s story takes its dull turn, Roberts strips back her thick layers of Southern appeal to uncover an additional weak side, her physical and passionate injuries filling in as a declaration to the lengths of mercilessness that the president’s acolytes were able to go to serve him.

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Or on the other hand maybe the film is a dark parody with Whigham’s humorously, alarmingly extreme Liddy at the middle, encompassed by an alternating cast of cowardly, brainless nitwits like White House lawyer John Dean (Dan Stevens), head of staff H.R. Haldeman (Nat Faxon), helper Jeb Magruder (Hamish Linklater) and political consultant Charles Colson (Patton Oswalt).

The joke of their scenes in Gaslit is that they appear to trust they’re in a smooth government agent spine chiller or a significant political dramatization or, for Liddy’s situation, a dim conflict epic a la Apocalypse Now. In the interim, their weakness and inadequacy feel more like something drafted by Armando Ianucci or the Coen siblings.

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