‘superfly’ Actor Found Guilty of Serial Rape by a Jury After Allegedly Lying About Knowing Rapper Drake

Between 2013 and late 2018, Superfly actor and rapper Kaalan Walker was found guilty of rapping six victims — three of them 16-year-old aspiring models — and sexually assaulting a seventh woman in a series of “sophisticated” crimes, according to authorities.

As the split decision from a Los Angeles jury was read, the actor, who acted in Kings with Halle Berry in 2017 and as gang member Juju in the 2018 film Superfly, bowed his head and sobbed. He was found not guilty of charges against three of the case’s ten victims, including two counts of forceful rape.

“Your honor, I did not rape anyone.” After the jury had left, Walker, 27, screamed, “I did not rape anyone!” as he was carried away in handcuffs. At sentencing, he could face a sentence of up to 100 years in prison. Andrew Flier, his lawyer, promised an appeal right away.

Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace accused Walker of a “serial rapist” who dubiously named-dropped Drake with most of his victims, promising introductions that never came during her closing argument last week.

During the six-week trial, she and fellow prosecutor Yasmin Fardghassemi told jurors that Walker was able to disarm his victims’ defenses by combining his minor celebrity status with the “little blue checkmark” on his social media profiles and luring them to remote locations with promises of photoshoots or video gigs.

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“We believe the jury has given these victims their voices back with this verdict,” Wallace tells Rolling Stone.

“It was a highly complex piece. He chose these girls and appealed to their goals and hopes, mentioning Drake and leveraging his relationship with Halle Berry to get these girls somewhere and gain their trust. It wasn’t about performing picture shoots once they got there; it was about assaulting them.”

Prosecutors said more than 30 women had come forward with assault claims against Walker. Three claimed victims were allowed to speak as so-called prior bad acts witnesses, meaning their testimony was supposed to indicate Walker had a proclivity for committing the offenses charged.

Model Jada Everon, for example, spoke with Rolling Stone after the decision and provided permission for her full identity to be used.

Walker contacted Everon on Instagram when she was 16 years old and promised her a photo session, according to Everon, who is now 23 and lives in Las Vegas. She testified that she drove from Fresno to meet him and was assaulted in 2014.

“I was taken aback when I heard the guilty verdict. There are a lot of rapists that get away with it, and I was scared he’d be one of them. But, at long last, justice has been served, and we have been heard. For me, this was seven years ago.

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Seven years of seeing him on social media, watching his fame grow, and witnessing him injure more women. “I had given up hope, so seeing this happen now brings tears of joy,” Everon adds.

“He treated me the same way he treated the others.” Drake was mentioned by him. Drake was mentioned. He instilled in me a lot of hopes and dreams. He stated something quite dramatic. ‘I can make you famous overnight,’ he claimed. You have access to everyone I know who is famous.’ It was a dramatic scene.

I was very naive at that age. Everything he stated made sense to me. I believed what he claimed to be true. Throughout the assault, he would scream, ‘You’re so immature,’ every time I said ‘Stop,’ or was weeping. I’m not going to be of any use to you anymore.

‘I’m going to strip you of everything.’ Everyone recalls how he “flipped a switch” and transformed into a full-fledged predator.

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