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Global motherboard and graphics: Msi Kombustor, Microstar Destroys Her Entire Property in Seconds, Then Ignites Entire House With Firestorm!

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From now until January 12, 2012, MSI, a leading worldwide motherboard and graphics card manufacturer, is conducting a Kombustor benchmark competition. Simply run Kombustor’s KMark mode on any graphics card and upload the benchmark results to be put into the draw.

Every week, winners will be chosen and will have the opportunity to win an N480GTX-M2D15 graphics card. The first player to achieve the set benchmark score will also get the main prize of a WindPad 100W or N480GTX Lightning right away! Do we have your attention now? Get Kombustor ready now to put your graphics card to the test and publish your results for a chance to win large rewards!

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Reach the Kombustor Benchmark and Win the Grand Prize!
Players that benchmark a graphics card of any brand using Kombustor and then upload their result (P-Score or X-Score) will be automatically put into the weekly drawing for a chance to win an N480GTX-M2D15 graphics card from now until January 12, 2012.

During the competition, two objective benchmarks will be established for each part. The first person to meet the set benchmarks scores (both the P-Score and the X-Score) in both parts will win an MSI WindPad 100W tablet PC or the N480GTX Lightning graphics card! The runner-up will also have the opportunity to win a complete Dirt 3 game voucher.

It only takes a few easy actions to win these fantastic rewards. Come on in and have some fun!

Burn-in with a single key; 4 Special Effects Tests in 3 Minutes MSI At the push of a button, Kombustor may stress test a graphics card. Kombustor also has a user-friendly benchmarking mode that allows gamers to mimic the realistic graphical effects of today’s games in under 3 minutes.

The benchmarking process employs the four most often utilized special effects options in retail games. Fur Rendering for textures, Tessellation for more realistic game models, PhysX for enhanced physics, and Geometry Instancing, which brings the images to life, are among them. Benchmarking these four special effects provides gamers with a more accurate picture of their graphics card’s in-game performance.

Kombustor is more user-friendly than professional benchmarking software and other in-game benchmarking solutions. Benchmarking results may be immediately accessed and posted to a dedicated portal where they can be compared with other gamers from all around the world.

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