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Short Comic by Overwatch Manga Fans. Portrayed the Sad Reality of Widowmaker.

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Hi, my name is Subhrayu Kuri . I am from Kolkata, currently pursuing BBA from EIILM Kolkata. Having the interest in learning new skill I have decided to give a go for content writting which will help me to develop my own speaking and writting skills in English.

As Manga has evolved over the years so thus the fans. Reading about the stories and interesting plots fans started to create their ideas and innovation. In a very recent interview, the officials have revealed about a fan who has already developed a very short seven-page story related to manga’s world makers character.

The Overwatch is a very enjoyable entertainment series that is full of fun and it is about a very  shooter her colorful. The best thing about these franchises is that they have plenty of background.

Overwatched fans are always excited and now have written a seven-page own story which is made on the characters of Widowmaker. Though the comic developed by the fan is on the sadder side of the story Widowmaker. Old memories of the fans also returned when they read the comic.

The comic was created by a fan named Reddit who draw inspiration from a manga released in the year 2016. At the beginning of the series where we all saw that the widowmaker used to visit their husband’s grave every Christmas.

She used to keep a red rose over there and leave. This special fan was able to draw all the similar events in the seven-page comic. As the series progress, we will see that the widowmaker will lose all her emotion. She then also believes that her work needs special care. Her thought process changed as she started feeling that all her old characteristics were dead quite a long ago.

The backstory of the widowmaker is quite beautiful as she was one of the Persian Ballet troop dancers. Her name was Amelia Guillard. In the story, her husband was an operating officer who is on a mission against a group of terrorists.

Plenty of attempts went in vain then Amelia was kidnapped and used as an agent. While she went to the Talon over there she received all her training which made her a complete widowmaker. Her emotions were also numbed by them only.

The comic that was done by Nebcrafter was just the reel of the story. The reader of the special story focuses on the Widowmaker as one of the dancers only. The comic got popular due to the artwork showing the tragedy and the difficult situation of the Widowmaker.

The brainwashing part is also very clearly portrayed and in the comic, it was felt that she wanted to feel sorry for her husband and wanted to reveal what was done to her. In the story, she was left with any human feelings so that she could do anything as well.

Overwatch fans comic is now available for the PC and it was uploaded to PlayStation 4 as well.

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