“i Never Said Anything, but It Still Hurts.” Shakira is Experiencing Her Darkest Hour as a Public Figure

Shakira had through a difficult phase following her public breakup with her previous partner, Gerard Piqué. This split has been plagued with challenging moments, as previously recorded.

Piqué also claimed he was dating Clara Chia Marti shortly after his divorce from Shakira. This revelation also comes at a critical point in Piqué and Shakira’s custody battle. According to Piqué, the couple should remain in Spain until their children have completed their education.

I never said anything but it hurts": Shakira Going Through The Darkest Hour Of Her Life While Pique Enjoys Romantic Relationship With Clara Chia Marti - Animated Times

Shakira claims that her breakup with Pique happened during her “darkest hour,” and that the split was a watershed moment in her life.

Shakira then opened up about the difficulty of going through a public breakup, especially the task of trying to shield her children from negativity.

Still processing the split herself, Shakira said she often feels like ‘this is all just a bad dream that she will eventually wake up from, but that she knows in her heart “that it is real”.

“And what’s also real is the disappointment to see something as sacred and as special as I thought was the relationship that I had with the father of my children and to see that happen. turned into something popularized and belittled by the media,” she continued. “And all of this while my dad was in intensive care and I was battling on different fronts.”

Will Shakira Go to Jail? Shakira's $14.5M Tax Fraud Lawsuit Has Internet Convinced Pique Has Won - Animated Times

Shakira will release a single following her divorce from Gerard Pique. On her Instagram account this morning, the artist posted a short film of what looks to be new evidence of a male shoe trampling on a beating human heart (Sunday). “I never said anything, but it hurts,” she said in the video’s caption. “I was expecting it.”

“I thought my album was finished,” she said in another post, “but every time I come into the studio to fix a home or mix an almost finished song, I find myself with new songs because I’m feeling creative today.”

Watch the Instagram reel she posted here.

After 12 years of marriage, Shakira and her soccer star husband, Fika, divorced in June, so it’s reasonable to assume the music video and song will be about their relationship. Pika cheating on Shakira with Bar Refaeli was rumored in the Spanish media earlier this month.

Shakira is more concerned with her children these days and has spoken out about everything that occurred during her divorce from Gerard Piqué.

Sasha and Milan are Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s two sons. Piqué and the Hips Don’t Lie singer met for the first time while filming her Waka Waka music video, and their relationship became public in 2011.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué have previously attended celebrity gatherings alongside their sons. On Instagram, the ex-couple posted countless photos of their family. The singer paid tribute to her hubby with a couple’s selfie on Valentine’s Day.

In June 2022, Shakira and Gerard announced their divorce in a joint statement.

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