Komi Can’t Communicate Season3 : Expected Release Date, Characters & More

The series Komi Can’t Communicate. Tomohito Oda has illustrated this manga series and has been writing the same.

The final episode of Komi Can’t Communicate’s the second season is almost around the corner, and the show’s fans are already anticipating its third.

And we’ve compiled all the information on the upcoming season of Komi Can’t Communicate in this article. Read our post all the way to the end if you want to learn more about season three of Komi Can’t Communicate.

Overview of Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3

The anime adaptation of Tomohiro Oda’s Komi can’t communicate manga series is helmed by Ayumu Watanabe and Kazuki Kawagoe.

Additionally, OLM is the animation company behind “Komi Can’t Communicate.” Before reading this topic further, please review the basic facts below. Maybe you’ll find it useful.

When will the third season of Komi Can’t Communicate be released?

The second season of the show just ended, thus the production company hasn’t made any official announcements about the third season’s renewal. The return of the show will require some more patience from the viewers. But we can have it around 2024.

As soon as the film creator makes any announcements, we’ll keep you informed. If the third season receives a lot of viewers quickly, we can anticipate another season, so if you desire another season.

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What Is Komi Can’t Communicate’s Narrative About?

Shouko Despite her external beauty, Komi struggles with communication because of her severe social anxiety and other difficulties. She is incredibly popular but keeps people from getting to understand her because of her austere appearance and attractiveness, both of which are the result of her anxiety.

Over a chalkboard, Komi and Tadano have their first conversation, and she uses a notepad to record her feelings. She can still speak verbally on her cell phone despite this. She wants to get over her communication problems and make 100 friends.

What happened in the previous season of Komi Can’t Communicate?

We will be able to travel to school Trip Arc, where all of the school kids, including Komi, will visit Kyoto, and watch Komi and her friends enjoy their winter break.

If Komi is unable to converse during the second season, Tadano will acknowledge that he is growing fond of her. In the second season, Komi’s life will experience some interesting developments, and the relationships between Komi, her friends, and Tadano will deepen.

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In season 3, Komi’s characters have communication issues.

The main character, Shoko Komi, is a socially awkward high school student who tries to express herself by writing down her thoughts. Amber Lee Connors performs the English voice of Shoko Komi, and Aoi Koga performs the Japanese voice.

Hirohito Tadano, a classmate of Komi’s and her first buddy in school, learns about her issue and tries to help Komi.Gakuto Kajiwara provides Hitohito Tadano’s Japanese voice, and Takahisa Masuda provides the English voice.

Like the first season of the Komi Can’t Communicate series, we anticipate that “Komi Can’t Communicate season 3” will be made available on Netflix.

You may watch the first season on Netflix. 

Without a confirmed comeback, there is no new trailer. The filming has not been started yet so there’s time.

During the second season, if Komi is mute, Tadano will confess that he is warming up to her. The second season will feature some intriguing events in Komi’s life as well as a strengthening of her bonds with Tadano and her friends.

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