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The New Bleach Game is in Development, Can Be Revealed Soon?

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Fans of the renowned anime series Bleach may be in the news as indications point to a potential release of a new game shortly.

Fans of the iconic franchise Bleach might have something to look forward to as a new game appears to be in the making.

If it does come to pass, it will join the more than twenty Bleach video games that have already been created since 2005, the year the anime first aired.

The Playstation 2 fighting game Bleach: Blade Battlers, released in 2005, was the first in a long line of Bleach games. A sequel followed in 2007. Only Japan had access to both games. Since then, the franchise has released several more fighting games and dabbled in other genres like side-scrolling movement and strategy RPGs. In 2018, it was revealed that several of the most well-known Bleach characters would appear in Jump Force, an anime fighting game crossover. The following year, Jump Force would make its debut.

Fans last experienced Bleach with the release of Bleach: Brave Souls on Steam in 2015 and the spin each card game Bleach: Immortal Soul in 2020. The drought, though, might be over: Recently, a trademark application was made in the US for the phrase “Bleach: Soul Resonance.” As of the time of writing, the trademark is still listed as pending or active. However, according to the file, the name will be utilized for a media-related service or product that will be created for “online computer games” on “cell phones, personal computers, and handheld computers.”

The trademark will also include downloaded games with the name Bleach: Soul Resonance on cell phones, PC, and handheld devices, the document continues. It is unclear which platforms the aforementioned game will run on, therefore the inclusion of the aforementioned devices in the file may just be the developers’/publishers’ attempt to cover all of their bases.

It is possible, nevertheless, that this new product will also be a mobile game if recent releases from the franchise are taken into consideration. The trademark does, however, allow for a potential PC release in the future, as was done with Bleach: Brave Soul.

Fans first heard rumors of a potential new Bleach game in the summer of this year, and some thought it may continue the Thousand-Year Blood War arc from the newest season of the anime. Previous games have frequently filled in story holes or detoured into side stories while taking place concurrently with or in between anime or manga arcs.

Unfortunately, it’s still too early to predict where Bleach: Soul Resonance’s story will go or whether it will have any bearing on the television program. However, while they wait for more information on the Bleach franchise’s next video game, fans can pass the time by watching fresh episodes of the anime series.

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