Celebrities That Look-a-like Game Characters

Celebrities That Look-a-like Game Characters

It feel amazing when some video game character matches with your favorite celebrity. Likeness of game characters with real life celebrities is amazing. Some of the amazing gaming characters that resemble with famous celebrities are shown below:

1. Commander Shepard From Mass Effect and Mattew Fox:

Celebrities That Look-a-like Game Characters

Anyone who watched 6 seasons of LOST knows Mattew Fox. He has good acting abilities and his performance as Jack in the last season of LOST resembles with the gaming character of Mass Effect 2 Commander Shepard. Both had to travel across the universe to gather heroes and form a team that could save the world.

2. Solid Snake From Metal Gear Solid and Denis Leary:

Celebrities That Look-a-like Game Characters

Denis Leary is an American actor, producer, singer, writer and comedian. He was star and co-creator of “Rescue Me” series whose seventh season ended in September 2011. He has great resemblance with Solid Snake from the game Metal Gear Solid.

3. Marcus Fenix From Gears of War and Dave Bautista:

Celebrities That Look-a-like Game Characters

Dave Bautista is an American actor and former professional mixed martial arts and wrestler. He had a great professional wrestling career with WWE. He was also featured in Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 2014. Bautista is a perfect resemblance of Marcus Fenix from Gears of War.

4. Sam Fisher From Splinter Cell and Christian Bale:

Celebrities That Look-a-like Game Characters


Christian Bale is the actor famous for Batman movies. He lost 14 kg for movie “The Fighter” in 2010 and won award for Best Supporting Actor. He was listed in Top 100 most influenced people. He has a quite a resemblance with Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell character Sam Fisher.

5. Kratos from God of War and Bill Goldberg:

Celebrities That Look-a-like Game Characters

Bill Goldberg, an American actor and retired wrestler has an amazing resemblance with God of War’s protagonist, Kratos. With huge body structure, both have the same physique level. Goldberg with his overwhelming character when he was a professional wrestler make him a real life Kratos.

The likeness of celebrities with game characters is amazing. Some gaming characters that resemble famous celebrities are shown below. These resemblances are uncanny and interesting to look at. Have you ever played a game and noticed the resemblance of a character to a celebrity? Let us know in the comments below.


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