What happened to boxing champion Mike Tyson’s 4- year old daughter Exodus Tyson? Know The Truth

May 26, 2009 — After what police described as a tragic accident on a home treadmill, Exodus Tyson, the 4-year-old daughter of retired heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson, passed away Monday at a Phoenix hospital.

Exodus accidentally hanged herself with a treadmill cable in her central Phoenix home, putting herself on life support. According to ABC News station KNXV-TV and police Sgt. Andy Hill, passed away at 11:45 a.m.

She was playing on the treadmill when Hill noticed a cord hanging in a loop underneath the console. She either fell or stuck her head inside the loop, but either way, it appeared to be a noose, and she was unable to free herself.

The ex-champ was seen arriving at the hospital on Monday wearing a white button-up shirt and black slacks and was seen frowning as he looked around before entering.

Tyson, who is 42, was reportedly in Las Vegas at the time of the Incident Or accident but promptly immediately took a flight to Phoenix, according to Hill.

The boxer issued a statement in which he expressed his family’s deepest and most heartfelt gratitude for all of your thoughts and support and requested solitude during this trying time. The devastating demise of our loved Exodus cannot be expressed in words.

Exodus’ brother, who is 7 years old, discovered her on Monday and alerted their mother, who has been in another room.

Exodus was disconnected, and she attempted to revive her while dialing 911.

As stated in a report from Phoenix police, the event happened when the toddler had been playing in a playroom and the girl’s parents were cleaning the house.

According to the police report, when the 34-year-old lady asked her son to see just what Exodus had been doing, the kid saw her in difficulty.

When he phoned his mother, she discovered her on either a treadmill with a cable from the exercise equipment wrapped around her neck, according to the authorities.

According to the police, the mother of the child entered the room, untied her from the cord, dialed 911, and then began CPR.

Officers pulled over through the woman conducting CPR as soon as they arrived since the girl was not breathing when they arrived.

After being eventually transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, the youngster passed away there.

According to the police, it appears that this was a terrible accident based on the initial inquiry, which included information from the officers involved, conversations with the mother and son, and a preliminary study of the site.

According to representatives from the Phoenix Fire Department, the woman who dialed 911 shortly after 10:30 a.m. on Monday initially reported being electrocuted by a treadmill cord before changing her story to indicate that she had been hanged.

James Toback’s latest documentary features Tyson, who showed up at the hospital later on Monday afternoon but avoided speaking to reporters when he entered, according to KNXV-TV.

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