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Why is Turkish Chef Salt Bae Banned From Us Open Cup Final 2023? Fifa Confirmed This News Through a Tweet Meanwhile Internet Hails a Decision

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One of the greatest football games of all time was without a doubt the 2022 FIFA world cup final. Argentina eventually triumphed and won the title of World Champions despite the fact that everything was here on line for both teams. After a long absence of 36 years, Argentina won the World Cup, cementing the greatness of Argentine footballer Lionel Messi.

Argentina’s victory celebrations were extremely magnificent in the stadium. Even during such lavish celebrations, one incident captured everyone’s attention. The well-known Salt Bae, a Turkish chef, was caught interacting inappropriately with players.

Messi and other Argentina players were seen being harassed by Salt Bae as they celebrated in the stadium.

The Turkish chef somehow managed to enter the field while Argentina was celebrating their victory lap from defeating France. Salt Bae even made an attempt to take a photo with Lionel Messi. He put his hand on the footballer’s shoulder, who was only nodding while everyone was celebrating. Then, after making several efforts, he succeeded in getting a photo with the GOAT himself. But that wasn’t it; he continued to bug other Argentina celebrities to pose for photos with them.

Additionally, Salt Bae was spotted having his picture taken with Cristian Romero, Lisandro Martinez, and Angel di Maria. While posing for photos, he even grabbed the 18-carat gold World Cup trophy. He also struck his famous seasoning position with both the World Cup trophy, further infuriating the crowd.

The US Open Cup championship in 2023 will not allow the Turkish Chef to attend.

Salt Bae, also known as Nusret Gokce, has received criticism from the public for acting like a jerk during the World Cup celebration event. Some organisations have opted to forbid him from attending their events because of his bigoted behaviour, which has infuriated so many of his supporters. The Turkish chef will not be allowed to attend the US Open Cup final in 2023, which is the equal of the UK’s FA Cup.

He truly angered the fans by holding the World Cup trophy, which they claimed was against the regulations. The Turkish Chef is said to be tight with Gianni Infantino, the head of FIFA.

The trophy can only be touched by a very small number of people, in accordance with the institution’s rules. These include leaders of state and former FIFA World Cup champions. Gokce was clearly in violation of these guidelines, although FIFA has not yet issued a decision over the Chef’s conduct.

The Englishman was prompted to wonder if the chef had any Argentinean ties, but that wasn’t the case. FIFA further restricts access to the World Cup silverware to the successful team and their immediate family members.

The YouTuber found other recordings of Salt Bae’s antics, including posing for photos with Christian Romero, Angel Di Maria, and Lisandro Martinez. The Turkish chef’s annoyance with Messi, though, startled KSI the most. He’s bothering Messi, the YouTuber claimed. The Argentine in the video initially tried to pay attention to the chef. but ultimately posed for photos with Salt Bae.

However, the internet users weren’t having it and criticised him for his actions on social media.

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