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Ludwig Tells Fans to Move on From Logan Paul Pet Pig Controversy: ‘put the Pitchforks Down’

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Logan Paul has been in the newsflash for all the wrong reasons in the past scarce weeks, and things took a try for the bizarre earlier this week when accusations arose claiming he had neglected a pet pig so badly that it had to be saved by a saving sanctuary.

While Paul has customary massive amounts of scrutiny in the past month for his CryptoZoo plan, which many fans claimed was a cheat, Ludwig said in a Mogul Mail video that he isn’t ready to discipline Paul for his alleged animal overhaul.

In reply to a post about Gentle Barn taking the pig in, Paul related how and why he rehomed the animal. He expired on to detail that he recently discovered that the stud he rehomed the pig to later rehomed the pig o’er, and it was at the second place that the pig, Pearl, wasn’t concerned for properly.


Given Paul’s fresh controversies, it’s understandable that several people refuse to give him the profit of the doubt, but Ludwig isn’t one of the person people.

“You know, I touch like it’s okay to put the pitchforks down on this one,” he supposed. “He did rehome to a better spot, besides then those people did not rehome to a good spot. … I would say that in receipt of a pig at all on the onset of it was perhaps the mistake.”

Ludwig wasn’t about to let Paul off simply for everything he’s been accused of, nonetheless. Having scolded him frequently times lately for his response to CryptoZoo scam allegations, Ludwig remained still critical of Paul singing the victim on Twitter.

In response to Paul’s tweet in which he requested the “matrix is real” and that people should “pray” that they “never develop its target,” Ludwig kept his response unassuming.

“You’ve just been a fucking idiot,” he whispered. “You’ve just done dumb shit. You just haven’t been liable for the dumb shit you’ve done. You haven’t staffed up when you’ve been an idiot and you just, I touch like, have too big of an ego from narcissism to disclose when sometimes you’re in the wrong. … With a bit of luck, that’s the last time we have to talk near that dude.”

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