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“Time Has A Surgeon’s Hands” Through Social Media Platform Shakira’s Message To His Ex Pique.

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Shakira’s latest Instagram post has fans convinced that she is about to unleash some serious revenge on her ex, Gerard Pique. The message, which has since been deleted, read: “Time has a surgeon’s hands.” While the cryptic message could be interpreted in several ways, many fans believe that Shakira is hinting at taking Pique down mercilessly.

The couple split back in January after 10 years together, and it seems like Shakira is finally ready to let the world know exactly what he did wrong. If the message is indeed aimed at Pique, then fans are sure to be in for quite a treat. After all, Shakira is known for being one of the fieriest and passionate women in the entertainment industry.

And if there’s one thing we know about her, it’s that she never holds back when it comes to expressing herself.

This past weekend, Shakira took to Instagram to share a cryptic message that has many of her fans convinced she is planning to take revenge on her cheating ex, Pique. The message, which was posted alongside a photo of Shakira looking very serious, reads: “Time has a surgeon’s hands.”

While it’s unclear exactly what Shakira means by this, many of her fans are speculating that she is hinting at some sort of retaliation against Pique. After all, the phrase “time has a surgeon’s hands” is often used to describe how time can heal wounds – and it seems like Shakira may be planning to use this metaphor to her advantage.

If Shakira is indeed planning to take revenge on Pique, then it seems like hell really will have no fury like a woman scorned. And given the fact that she is one of the most successful and popular female artists in the world, we’re sure she can make Pique regret ever crossing her.

Shakira’s recent social media post has fans speculating that she may be planning to exact some revenge on her ex, Pique. The message in question reads: “Time has a surgeon’s hands.” This cryptic statement has led many to believe that Shakira is hinting at the possibility of taking some kind of action against Pique, who allegedly cheated on her during their relationship.

While it’s unclear what exactly Shakira plans to do, fans are convinced that she won’t take Pique’s cheating lightly and are eagerly awaiting to see how she chooses to retaliate.


Time has a surgeon’s hands. This was the cryptic message Shakira posted on her Instagram account, along with a picture of herself holding an hourglass. The post came shortly after news broke that her partner, Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique, had been unfaithful to her.

Fans were quick to speculate that the message was directed at Pique and that Shakira was hinting at some kind of retribution. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” one user commented. Others were more sympathetic to Pique, saying that he had made a mistake and should be forgiven. “We all make mistakes,” one user wrote. “He’s human.

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