Are You a Google Pixel User Wanting to Turn Off Air Quality Alerts? Follow This Step-by-step Guide for Optimum Convenience.

You can now turn off air quality alerts on your Google Pixel

If you’ve got an older Pixel phone or are not as tech-savvy as you were when you first bought one, then turning on Air Quality Alerts might feel like a nuisance.

But thankfully, things have improved with each new update we get, and you can finally set Air Quality Alerts off from your Google Home smart display widget in Android 11 (though this is currently only available for homes, so it may be best to turn these alerts on manually if that’s your thing). As such, here’s how to enable Air Quality Alerts on your Google Pixel:

Open Settings > Display & Brightness > Air Quality Alerts

Tap the toggle next to “Enable all Air Quality Alerts” in the box, and select either on/off (we’ve also had some issues where it didn’t work properly after switching between on/off since October).

You can switch back on once more if you want by going into Settings > Display & Brightness > Air Quality Alerts again.

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If you prefer not having to tap repeatedly for this setup process, you can even disable them from within the same settings app. Just go to Settings > Security > Privacy > Air Quality Alerts, then tap Disable.

Since this just cuts down on the number of times you must tap twice to do it, it’s certainly worth adding to the list of features you’ve already gotten rid of on your Pixel.

This change has also been spotted by @Pravin_Xu, who says that he’s noticed an improvement over the last few updates. A little further down on his post, he notes that enabling Air Quality Alerts works better and offers better support than they did before, but they still aren’t perfect.

“I started noticing an issue where the air quality alert would appear during normal activity, and the notification also displayed whenever I was about to move the phone to another room. I tried refreshing my sleep data, etc.

I think this is caused by the fact that I now tap on the notification constantly to check that it is active. The default setting is true in the settings app, and tapping the toggle will immediately make the notifications active. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up in the notification settings.

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It’s always nice to know there’s a workaround for issues caused by what I believe to be intentional behavior rather than just poor execution, and perhaps a feature exists somewhere to fix this problem.

It could help with future device updates, too, to give people a better chance of getting into their houses without worrying about loud noises at odd hours (or worse, coming across something suspicious, if you had anything of that nature).

For example, it’d be interesting to see if disabling the option for specific rooms (such as apartments, restaurants, schools, etc.) might improve things. Hopefully Google learns from its mistakes and implements this solution for whatever system errors exist from time to time.

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