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Jacob Elordi Addresses Rumors Surrounding Nate’s Sexuality in Euphoria: Actor’s Response Sparks Conversation and Debate Among Fans

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“I believe it has less to do with this obnoxious societal phenomenon where everyone wants to know, “Is Nate gay? Has he become this or that? More complicated than that.”

There has been a lot of talk about Nate Jacobs’ sexuality in Euphoria over the past two seasons from both viewers and characters.

Nate has primarily had (very toxic) relationships with women; he has dated Maddy and Cassie, and he has pursued Jules through a fake identity on a dating app. However, there have been a few instances in which it appears that he is suppressing his sexuality.

When Ethan’s homoerotic dance number, clearly based on Nate and the hypermasculine jocks, caused Nate to storm out of the auditorium during Lexi’s play, it appeared to be the season 2 pivot point for him. In his rant to Cassie, he also referred to the scene as “homophobic.”

Jacob Elordi has now spoken out about the conversation and how he deals with Nate’s sexuality in the show.

Jacob stated in an interview with Variety that “in terms of sexuality,” he does not approach Nate’s personal storyline.

“I generally approach it concerning family. He elaborated, “I think the thing about his sexuality is born from him not having a relationship with his father, or not having the relationship he thinks he should have with his father and mother.”

“In a way, I believe, the relationship a person has with their parents is the foundation of their sexuality. Therefore, I believe it has less to do with this kind of pious social event in which everyone wants to know, “Is Nate gay? Is he that or this?’ It goes beyond that. This is simply a child who requires a father, but everything his father does is terrifying, so he wants to be the complete opposite.”

Jacob elaborated on Nate’s sexuality in an additional interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying, “[] Cal] is supposed to be a leader, a lover, and your protector. You’ve seen them doing these things, and you can see the wear and tear in a family. His father is Cal. Therefore, I believe that his greatest sexuality-related fear is a logical delusion or fear that his father adopted his lifestyle.

Although Nate’s sexuality is not specifically defined by Jacob, it sounds like he believes that Nate’s anxieties about his own sexuality are connected to his desire not to be like Cal.

Nate finally confronts his father in the season two finale and admits to having discovered all of his sex tapes when he was younger. He then describes how the discovery affected him as a child, causing him to have nightmares in which Cal was “fucking [him] the way that he was fucking them.”

Euphoria season 3 may see Nate confront his own complex inner feelings and repressed sexuality now that he has begun to confront everything with his father.

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