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Succession Season 4 Episode 10 Finale Recap: Shocking Ending Leaves Fans in Awe

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Succession Season 4 Episode 10: A Finale that Delivered

Succession season 4 episode 10 wrapped up the series with satisfying and shocking twists. The episode saw the end of Logan Roy’s reign and the fate of his children and the future of their company. Let’s dive in and examine the ending in detail.

Kendall Does Not Have the Votes

The episode begins with Kendall struggling to find support for his side of the GoJo deal. He discovers that Stewy and most of the shareholders are not on his side when the board meets to decide. He expresses his frustration and anger about Roman’s whereabouts, and he assures his people that he’s on their side.

Shiv Meets with Lukas Matsson

Shiv meets with Lukas Matsson, who tells her and his team that they’ve already won the deal. She also assures him that Tom is fair game and that he can either retain him or ax him. Caroline calls Shiv and invites her to visit her residence, which gives her a reason to leave Matsson’s suite and find her brother Roman.

Kendall Visits Caroline

Kendall calls Caroline to inquire about Roman’s whereabouts and ends up traveling to her residence. Shiv reaches there first and finds Roman with a stitch on his head after a clash with anti-Mencken protesters. Kendall arrives and starts arguing with Roman about his commitment to the plan and the chances of bagging the board for the deal.

Tom Hangs Out with Matsson

Tom hangs out with Matsson at an art gallery and tells Greg that his job is on the line too if Matsson terminates him as ATN chief. Matsson then tells Tom that Shiv may not be the right person for CEO and that he can do a better job.

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Grex Plays Double Agent

Greg secretly listens to a conversation between Matsson and his subordinate and uses a translation app to learn that Shiv won’t be chosen as CEO. He informs Kendall, who convinces Shiv and Roman to team up and create a united front for the upcoming board meeting to take control of the company from Matsson.

The Roy Siblings Anoint Kendall

The siblings argue about who should lead the company, and Roman and Shiv both admit that Logan chose each of them for the job at some point in their lives. Kendall pitches that he should take the leadership, convincing Shiv that Roman isn’t suited for the job. The siblings finally anoint Kendall as the company’s CEO.

The Future of the Company

The Roy kids head back to the US for the board meeting, and before leaving, they visit Connor and Willa in Logan’s old place to talk about the ownership of his belongings. They watch an old video of Logan having dinner with his senior management team, after which Tom finds out that Shiv won’t be the CEO anymore. He admits that he and Matsson spoke, and the GoJo founder wants him to be the next CEO. Tom leaves and informs Matsson about the problem.

The Roy Trio versus Everyone

The Roy children team up to create a united front to take control of the company from Matsson.

The Board Meeting

The Roy kids return to the US for the board meeting, where they must decide who will lead the company.

Kendall Takes the Lead

The siblings finally anoint Kendall as the company’s CEO.

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The Twist Ending

The final twist reveals that Logan’s fingerprints were on the blood transfusion documents, proving that he knew about the cover-up of Vaulter’s cover-up. Kendall decides to expose the cover-up and end his father’s reign once and for all.


Succession season 4 episode 10 delivered a shocking finale, where the siblings team up to take down Matsson, but Logan’s final twist leaves Kendall no choice but to expose his father’s role in the cover-up. Succession has kept the audience on the edge of their seats with its complex characters and intricate plotlines and will be remembered as a classic series.


1. Is Succession worth watching?

Yes, Succession is worth watching. The series has a compelling story, complex characters, and intricate plotlines that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

2. Who should watch Succession?

Succession is for anyone who enjoys complex storylines, political dramas, and intricate character development. The show is not recommended for younger audiences due to adult language and content.

3. What makes Succession a great series?

Succession is a great series because of its compelling characters, intricate plotlines, and political drama. The show explores themes of greed, power, and family relationships in a unique and compelling way.

4. Is it necessary to watch all seasons of Succession to understand the finale?

Yes, it is essential to watch all seasons of Succession to understand the finale. The show’s characters and plotlines are developed over multiple seasons and build up to the shocking finale of season four.

5. Will there be a season five of Succession?

HBO has confirmed that Succession will return for a fifth season, but the release date is yet to be announced.


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