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Unleashing Manchester City’s Dominance: Discover the Best Formation and Starting 11 in FIFA 23!

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There is no doubt that Manchester City is the best team in FIFA 23 and it can be made even better with a few slight changes to its formation.

FIFA 23: In addition to being the current champions of the Premier League, Manchester City are also the favorites to win the Champions League this season after acquiring the unstoppable striker Erling Haaland in the summer. Given these factors, Manchester City is undoubtedly one of the most popular teams in FIFA 23.

The Best Formation for Manchester City in FIFA 23

City, like Manchester United, a team that plays across cities, doesn’t really have many attacking players who use the entire pitch. With this in mind, players should think about using a 4-2-3-1 Narrow formation because it will let them play to the strengths of players like Phil Foden and Bernardo Silva, who are better suited to the CAM position than playing out on the wings.

The Best Starting 11 for Manchester City in FIFA 23

Manchester City has the best starting for 11 in 2023. The city’s first 11 almost pick themselves with HaalandDe BruyneSilvaRodriWalkerDiasLaporteCancelo, and Ederson pretty much impossible to drop. As a result, players will only have to decide which two of Foden, Gundogan, Grealish, and Mahrez will take up the remaining starting positions.

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Even though Mahrez has the highest rating of the four players and is probably the club’s closest thing to a true winger, Silva is in his best position, making it hard to fit him in. Gundogan is the only member of the quartet who is suitable for a position in front of the defense, making him the ideal player to play alongside Rodri. On the other side, Foden barely edges out Jack Grealish.

Tactics and Instructions

On the tactical side, players should stick to conceding pressure, slow playmaking, and possession-based chance creation, as these are the best options for utilizing formations and players in the starting lineup. Those who play less rhythmically may wish to convert the former into sustained pressure, although this is not recommended for those who prefer to run behind opposing lines.

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As for direction, players should allow Foden and Silva to move freely so they can take advantage of the open spaces, while Haaland should be instructed to stay in the middle and try to get behind in the run. Rodri can be set up to cut the passing line and make aggressive interceptions, and both he and Gundogan should stay behind when the team is attacking. Instead, two of City’s highly rated full-backs should be called upon to join the attack.

Players should instruct Haaland to remain central and aim to get in behind when making runs, while Foden and Silva should be set to free-roam positioning to take advantage of empty space. Both Rodri and Gundogan ought to be set to stay back while the team is attacking, and Rodri can be set to cut passing lines and make aggressive interceptions. On the other hand, City’s two highly regarded fullbacks ought to be instructed to join the attack.

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