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GeeksULTD has been in operation since January 2016. We are still expanding and establishing good relationships with brands. We are looking forward to building GeeksULTD, the hub for everything tech. GeeksULTD has established itself for being one of the leaders in tech when it comes to tech reviews, opinions, and news. GeeksULTD covers a wide range of topics in the technology industry, most notably, the mainstream topics that include gaming, smartphones, PCs and more.

GeeksULTD has been a keen partner when it comes to working with brands. We’ve worked and collaborated with some of the best brands around the world, namely, Asus, Huawei, Cooler Master, Xiaomi, Viewsonic, HTC and a whole lot more.

Our Team

Here’s our list of authors at GeeksULTD

Usman Jabbar - Founder At GeeksULTD

Usman Abdul Jabbar Shaikh – Founder & Managing Editor

Usman Jabbar is a tech enthusiast on the mission to learn anything about tech. Proudly supports the PCMR. He believes that nothing could be perfect, so why hate on something else? Also, a Battlefield 4/CSGO player and is the man behind the wheels handling the business matters and the site itself! To contact me, follow me, or even constructively criticize me! Contact me however you feel is right!

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Afrasiyab Khan, Admin At GeeksULTD

Afrasiyab Khan – Co-Founder & Editor-In-Charge

Afrasiyab Khan is the HMG of GeeksULTD. He’s the man behind the keyboard covering the news, reviews, and rumors at GeeksULTD. In his spare time, he does some meat grinding in PUBG & CS:GO. And yeah, don’t ask him about his age. He’s still in Kindergarten!

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Ibtehaj Temuri – Author & Regular Contributor

Ibtehaj Temuri here reporting from duty. I’m responsible for getting the latest intel from underground sources. I’m one of the editors contributing to GeeksULTD’s news section. Gaming is definitely my passion. However, CSGO is life. Follow along with me on my social media platforms and even take some of your time out to constructively criticize me. Let’s have a discussion, shall we?

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