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We have a few requirements for those who want to join us. However, before the requirements, there will be two types of writers here. First, those who are really keen on working permanently with GeeksULTD, and secondly, those who just want to contribute to the site. There’s quite a difference between the two. We will nail down the requirements for the permanent writer and if you couldn’t meet that requirement and still want to contribute to the site then yes, you know by now, you will be considered a contributor. Here are the requirements:

A writer looking to permanently write at GeeksULTD should be able to complete the following tasks:

  • The writer must be able to spread his message in English.
  • The writer must have good skills in grammar and punctuation.
  • The writer must have good knowledge in the designated topic.
  • The writer must be able to give some time in sharing the content of GeeksULTD on Social Media Websites.
  • The writer must be able to write 4 articles on a daily basis.
  • The writer must be able to take tasks from other editors, whether big or small.

Any additional skills with photography and WordPress is a plus, but not necessary. Those who have no experience in the past and are thinking to start off will be required to send a sample article written by themselves. Any copying will not be tolerated.

GeeksULTD on the other hand is now open to contributors as well. Brands and individuals are now able to publish articles on GeeksULTD. However, posts published from GeeksULTD’s contributor account require an approval from GeeksULTD’s team.

For brands who wish to publish their news through GeeksULTD’s platform are welcome to request for an account under their name.

However, for those willing to get out that juicy news they found online are allowed to post through our contributor account.

GeeksULTD is also giving away contributor accounts to users who contribute to GeeksULTD regularly along with a profile bio that describes who they are.

Our contributor account login credentials are as follows. You may use this page to login.

Username: Contributor / Pass: Contributor

If you’d like to have a look at the current writers who are giving their time and passion to the site, head over to this page.

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