Ethics Policy

GeeksULTD Ethics Policy

We don’t take personal shots at people or companies in the industries we cover. And if a story deals with sensitive matters, it’s important to report without bias so readers can make up their own minds about what they read!

We make sure that all of our videos are fully compliant with FTC guidelines. You can rest assured knowing every review statement which includes a video game will also state on what platform it was played and who provided a copy for this particular instance if any copies were given at all (which usually isn’t the case). Lastly, we include regional or platform-specific considerations as well so there’s no mistaking which edition you have when buying one from us!

When reviewing films, TV shows, or video games the reviewer is always kept separate from those who preview them. They should not be invited on set visits or junkets and their criticism will stay objective despite any connections they might have with studios’ access/relationships

Our team strives for integrity in all things we do by monetizing content without compromising its quality so that you can make informed decisions.

Credits for the content

When alerting us to the existence of an article, you must provide a linked credit. We encourage content creators and bloggers alike to share our stories with their audience by giving proper citation credits where appropriate

Journalistic integrity requires that we always give thanks for original sources when reporting on the news or press releases originating from these organizations so they can be fully credited in any future pieces written about them.

We always credit the artist and if possible, seek their permission before using any of their work.

The Spoilers Factor

When appropriate, we honor embargoes and like to avoid posting spoilers for Movies or TV shows that have not yet been released. We also take care in how they’re previewed so as not to give away any major plot points before your eyes even start rolling over onto this page! if we do these posts we clearly mention spoiler warnings.

Whether it’s a movie review, sports update, or technology story we’ll always put your interests first. So if you want to know what everyone else is talking about without being spoiled go ahead and read our article!

There is no need to ruin the experience of entertainment for our readers, but we will always include a spoiler warning at the top of any article with significant plot twists.