Fact Checking Policy

GeeksULTD Fact-Checking Policy

Accurate Headlines

Indulgence is a website that strives for 100% accuracy in headlines and applies an extensive screening process to every news article on the site. Identifying rumors or insider reports ensures a distinction between confirmed information which will always be Newsworthy, vs industry buzz deserving of our readers’ attention but not necessarily theirs specifically (for example celebrity gossip).

We are committed to verify all information before it’s posted on our website. We start by checking sources and always digging down for original source (and reference material if applicable) when writing an article, even if other outlets may report something as fact without confirmation from primary sources such is the case with clickbait headlines that try to sound bold but contain little authoritative content because they’re not vetted through rigorous reporting processes like ours which includes contacting experts outside your field who can provide insight into topics you cover related off-topic subjects too!

The GeeksULTD team is passionate about all things entertainment, tech, and news, and we want our readers (new as well returning) customers to have the best experience possible when they visit us. Our diverse backgrounds in film studies; creating writing video production & business management bring together one goal- providing engaging content for you!

GeeksULTD is an online magazine that provides the best in pop culture events for cinephiles, TV addicts, and gamers. The team comes from diverse backgrounds including film studies to create writing video production business management brought together by their passion for all things entertainment while providing engaging content which can help visitors find whatever they’re looking for on our site!

Facts Checking

Every time we cover a rumor or leak from non-official sources, like Reddit and social media channels such as YouTube (for example), our writers will reach out to studio public relations in an effort to ensure everyone has the opportunity to weigh in with any information they may have. We also make sure all relevant details are included when reporting on these types of stories so readers can get their fix without having anything outdated delivered right off bat!

As the original source, we have a responsibility to be transparent and authentic with our sources. We value these open lines of dialogue for major developers, publishers, studios, and PR firms so they feel comfortable enough to share their voices through us

The importance is not just in what you say but also in how it’s communicated┬áThe tone should match that person who has something important or interesting to say

If it’s something we would want to share with our friends, then we make sure the article is well-written and accurate before hitting publish!

For corrections or update requests, please contact [email protected]