Our Review Policy

Our Philosophy

GeeksULTD was formed back in 2016. We have been working with a number of brands all around the world. Our first rule while writing our reviews is to be original. While writing our reviews our mindset is to always “critique” a product. This type of a mindset allows us for stay firm on our decisions while reviewing a certain product. We value our readers stance on the product rather than the manufacturer’s.

We value our relationship with these brands and have always tried our best to give an informative opinion to our users and companies to succeed. And a lot of these brands out there really do take a lot of the our critiques seriously. Of course, there is no product that is flawless, its just how humans are. Simply creaming a product won’t do justice to the buying decision of our users, but would also damage the brand’s reputation in the market. If in some case a brand does not agree with our decisions, we are happy to listen to manufacturers about what we may have missed or might have gone wrong with. However, if nothing passes through, we would absolutely stay firm on our decision no matter what.

We highly respect and take our viewer’s buying decisions into account. We living in such a time where we are overwhelmed by technology and the number of products that our out there. As a consumer, its absolutely a smart decision to look out for informative reviews that may point out the issues with a product and would let you know about any drawbacks before hand. Giving users a better option or a solid reason to buy that product really matters in such a space and that is what we need to stick firmly upon.

Brands that may send their review units to us are advised to be ready to hear about the negatives about their product with a positive mindset. As in such a field, only the media and community’s feedback would allow your brands to succeed as you gain a clear picture of what you have to be planning ahead. Afterall, its all about satisfying the consumers enthusiasm, is it?

Our Ratings ★

Here at GeeksULTD, we utilize two ways of rating our products. We either give it an award, or either we give it a score. Most usually both, if it’s a product that scored 7 and above. Here’s how we would describe our ratings.

10 – This is most usually a flawless product with minimal to no flaws, something that’s totally worth the money and performance, its pretty hard to get this score. Any product that scores a 10 get’s our gold award.

9 – This is usually a product that has done an amazing job at impressing us, it may most usually have some flaws here and there, but overall its an amazing product. Any product that scores above 9 also gets our gold award.

– This is usually a great product that has impressed us exceptionally, but is let back by a few noteworthy flaws. Any product that scores above 8 gets our silver award.

7 – This is usually a product that is good, doesn’t have much to stand out compared to the rest of the competition and still has somethings to improve on.

6 – This is usually a product that has a number of flaws that overcome its positives. Usually we don’t recommend this type of a product unless it has a feature that you really need.

Anything below six is simply a product that we don’t recommend at all. It would have a number of major flaws that are simply unacceptable.

Extra Notes

GeeksULTD is open to any form of sponsored reviews. However, brands must note that reviews are for critiquing your product and would get the score your product deserves. Once the review is final, its final. Additionally, GeeksULTD would always mention if GeeksULTD was sponsored for the review or not.

On a second note, we would inform users to also have a look at other reviews to get a broader view of the product itself. Everyone’s perspective is different, and taking some else’s perspective 1:1 is slightly delusional, the same thing goes for the scoring system. Once you’re finalized on what you’re buying decision is, dive right in only when you’re fully aware of the product.

For brands, developers, publishers, and companies willing to work with us, do send over your request through any channel you feel is appropriate.