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The Bear star Jeremy Allen White’s Wife, Addison Timlin, Files for Divorce, [CHEATING ALLIGATIONS?]

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Addison Timlin, wife of actor Jeremy Allen White, has reportedly filed for divorce after more than three years of marriage. The couple tied the knot in October 2019 and have two daughters together, Ezer Billie and Dolores Wild.

Divorce Filing in Los Angeles

According to TMZ, Addison Timlin filed the divorce paperwork at a Los Angeles courthouse on May 11. The reasons behind the filing have not been disclosed.

A Longstanding Relationship

Jeremy Allen White, known for his role in the critically acclaimed series “The Bear,” met Addison Timlin in 2008 while filming the psychological drama “Afterschool.” They welcomed their first daughter in 2018 and got married in a private court ceremony the following year.

A Sweet Message at the Golden GlobesJeremy Allen White's Wife, Addison Timlin

During the 2023 Golden Globes, Jeremy Allen White dedicated his Best TV Actor acceptance speech to Addison Timlin, expressing his deep love for her. He thanked her for her support and everything she has done for him.

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Heartfelt Notes on Social Media

Addison Timlin, in response to her husband’s Golden Globes win, posted a heartfelt message on Instagram along with a photo of White with his trophy. She reminisced about watching him perform for the first time in drama class when they were just 14 years old and expressed her pride and admiration for his talent. She described the experience of watching him win the award as overwhelming and otherworldly.

Supporting Each Other’s Dreams

Throughout their relationship, Addison Timlin has been a constant source of support for Jeremy Allen White’s career. She has celebrated his achievements on social media, expressing her joy in watching his dreams come true and the privilege of knowing his talent before the world discovered it.

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While the reasons behind their divorce remain undisclosed, fans and well-wishers will undoubtedly respect their privacy during this challenging time.

Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin Highlights:

  • Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin’s relationship has ended as Timlin filed for divorce.
  • Trust issues were a significant factor in their decision to separate.
  • They were attempting to work things out but ultimately decided to split.
  • Timlin filed for divorce on Thursday, asking for spousal support.
  • The listed date of separation is September 1, 2022, which is before White’s Golden Globe win and heartfelt speech expressing his love for Timlin.
  • The couple met in 2008 and welcomed their first child, Ezer, in 2018.
  • They got married in 2019 and had their second daughter, Dolores, in 2020.


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