How to Save Money on Accommodation: Student-Friendly Lodging Options

Travelling is a lot of fun! However, it can be rather costly. When we travel, we discover that one of our major costs is housing. You want to spend less wherever you can as a student, traveller, or digital nomad. Right? This implies that you’ll be capable of travelling more while saving more money!

Why should you pick low-cost lodging?

We can not imagine our journey without having such important things as health insurance or a virtual SIM card. It is essential to install eSIM with, but lodging is something that we can pay less for. Choosing low-cost housing can help you save money on your travel bills, freeing up funds for other areas of your vacation, such as activities, food, and souvenirs. It also gives you more freedom in your vacation plans because you won’t be bound by hefty lodging expenditures.

Furthermore, low-cost housing alternatives may frequently provide a more real and local experience, particularly if you stay with friends or family or in a hostel. It may allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of your destination. By selecting low-cost lodging, you may stretch your trip budget further and perhaps afford to travel for longer periods or visit more sites.

8 inexpensive hotel alternatives


When it comes to affordable accommodation, hostels are a true lifesaver! Picture this: a vibrant hub of diverse travelers, a melting pot of cultures and stories. Hostels not only provide a wallet-friendly option but also create a unique social experience. With their dormitory-style rooms, you can mingle with fellow adventurers, forming lifelong connections and memories. And guess what? These communal living spaces come with shared kitchens too!


Airbnb has got you covered with an impressive array of pocket-friendly options at your disposal. Get ready to dive into a realm of possibilities, where private rooms, cozy apartments, and charming houses await your arrival. Need to make your budget stretch? No worries! Airbnb offers a brilliant strategy for savvy travelers: gather your friends, split the rental cost, and watch your savings soar to new heights! This is an excellent method to save money, particularly if you are traveling with a group of friends and can divide the rental fee.


When planning your journey to a vibrant destination brimming with exciting outdoor activities, why not embrace the adventure of camping? Camping is an alternative if you’re going into the “wild” or searching for a more environmentally friendly way to travel. Many free nights may be spent in nature, listening to the sounds of the animals. Picture yourself amidst nature’s embrace, where the mystical forests whisper secrets and the starry night sky becomes your personalized canvas. Camping offers a unique and pocket-friendly accommodation option for brave souls seeking an immersive experience on a shoestring budget. In reality, some of the world’s most popular regions, such as Patagonia, Iceland, and the Himalayas, are best visited by trekking and camping.

Budget hotels

When searching for affordable accommodations without compromising on cleanliness and comfort, budget hotels are probably the best option. These hotel chains or guesthouses offer comfortable stays at lower price points. To obtain the best prices, it is advisable to book ahead of time and analyze costs online. Of course, by having an eSIM card with internet traffic (there are different types of SIM cards with different data plans), you can make a reservation whenever you want, though the cost may be much higher compared to booking beforehand. This way, you can ensure a pleasant and cost-effective stay.


Couchsurfing will not fit everybody, nevertheless, if you are dreaming of getting acquainted with new (and local) individuals, this might be a perfect alternative for your lodging! The best approach to begin with is to be open-minded and to create a profile that is as welcoming as possible.

Couchsurfing is also an amazing approach to learning about a place or region from a local’s point of view. Couchsurfing is an excellent alternative if you are on a low budget or just wish to try something new.

Student discounts

When traveling, It is always worthwhile to check for student deals. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that a lot of lodging alternatives provide special offers exclusively for students. When booking your reservation, be certain to inquire about these savings. It is an excellent way to save money.


Volunteering is an excellent chance to give back to a community while also immersing yourself in the local culture. It is critical to volunteer for the proper reasons (i.e., because you believe in the cause, not merely for the “free accommodation”). When choosing a program, be wary because some cause more harm than good by increasing reliance on foreign aid rather than imparting skills.

Working abroad

Do you mind getting your hands filthy in return for a place to sleep? This method works best for longer vacations, but it can also offer a unique opportunity to work on yachts, wineries, breweries, local farms, and other places. You may even obtain some additional money by working on a cruise ship.

By exploring these affordable and convenient lodging choices, students can enjoy substantial savings on accommodations, allowing them to allocate their budget towards enriching experiences and maximizing the value of their journey.


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