Jaden Smith Confirmed Gay, Will Smith’s Pissed on Gay Truth – Reaction, Rumors or Truth?

Jaden Smith’s bold, gender-fluid persona has sparked continuous speculation about the young star’s sexuality. While Jaden has dated both men and women, he has yet to publicly define his orientation. This ambiguity leaves fans guessing – is Jaden Smith gay, straight, bisexual or something else entirely?

The Rumors Begin: Declaring Love for Tyler the Creator

In 2017, Jaden made headlines when he referred to rapper Tyler the Creator as his “boyfriend” during a concert. “I wanna tell you, Tyler doesn’t want to say, but Tyler’s my motherf**king boyfriend!” Jaden proclaimed on stage.

This proclaimed romance fueled gossip about Jaden’s sexuality. It marked the first time the actor had been linked romantically with a man. Neither Jaden nor Tyler confirmed whether it was a genuine relationship or simply Jaden joking around.

Regardless, Jaden’s comfort in using this language sparked curiosity about his orientation and relationships with men.

Rumours of Jaden Smith‘s Gay Love Life and Sexuality have been in an uproar for a long time now. So let’s discuss this further to find out if these rumours are true or not!

Ongoing Speculation Based on Androgynous Style

Beyond the “boyfriend” comment, much of the speculation stems from Jaden’s gender-bending personal style. He often wears traditionally feminine clothing, paints his nails and dyes his hair.

To some, this implies Jaden may be gay or queer. However, style and presentation do not inherently reveal sexuality. Jaden seems to eschew gender norms and boundaries. His self-expression likely reflects this mindset more than his orientation specifically.

Dating History With Women

Despite the rumors, Jaden has been romantically tied to several high-profile women over the years. Tabloid reports linked him to Kylie Jenner when they were teenagers.

In 2021, he was photographed on an apparent Valentine’s Day date with model Sab Zada. Jaden also starred alongside Cara Delevingne in the 2020 film Life in a Year, sparking dating speculation.

So while curious about men, Jaden still engages in heterosexual relationships. This pattern aligns more with bisexuality or pansexuality rather than homosexuality.

Is Jaden Smith Gay? Truth

Jaden Smith Confirms Relationship with Tyler, The Creator

Jaden Smith, in a surprising revelation during his performance at the Flog Gnaw Carnival music festival in Los Angeles, announced that Tyler, the Creator is his boyfriend. This public confirmation was followed by a series of tweets between the two artists, with fans offering mixed reactions.

Jaden later affirmed their relationship during an interview on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio, amidst speculations and public curiosity regarding his sexuality and unique androgynous style.

Tyler, The Creator, had previously talked about his experiences with love in interviews, reflecting on public interest in his private life and expressing his thoughts on human curiosity.

Relationship Announcement

Jaden, while performing on stage at the Flog Gnaw Carnival, excitedly shared with the audience that Tyler, the Creator, was his boyfriend. Their exchange on Twitter shortly after the concert sparked discussions among fans, with some praising the relationship, and others dismissing it as a joke or publicity stunt.

Concert AnnouncementJaden proclaims Tyler as his boyfriend at Flog Gnaw Carnival
Twitter InteractionJaden tweets confirmation; Tyler responds playfully
Fan ReactionMixed responses, including praise and skepticism

Confirming the Relationship

On Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio, Jaden clarified that Tyler, the Creator, is indeed his boyfriend. He emphasized his commitment to breaking societal norms and prejudices through his style and actions. His determination to stand against judgment and set an example for future generations was a highlighted point in the conversation.

Tyler, The Creator’s Perspective

In a previous interview with Fantastic Man, Tyler opened up about his experiences and the public’s interest in his sexuality. He expressed his feelings on human nature’s need for definite answers and how he embraces the mysterious and unexplainable aspects of life.

Key Points

  • Jaden Smith announced Tyler, the Creator as his boyfriend during a concert.
  • Their relationship was confirmed by Jaden in an Apple Music interview.
  • Fans’ reactions were mixed, with praise and skepticism.
  • Jaden’s androgynous style and efforts to challenge societal norms were highlighted.
  • Tyler has previously discussed his experiences and the public’s fascination with his private life.

The Main Highlight About Jaden’s being Gay

Jaden Smith might be closeted, but he’s not afraid to show his love for women. From dating Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner all the way through rumoured relationships with Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez – JDS has had more than one serious commitment in his lifetime!

Jaden Smith has never publicly commented on his sexuality, but he did admit that at one point there was a relationship with Tyler The Creator. However, after the admission, many people saw him dating women including Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner among others who are also rumoured to be boyfriends or lovers in recent times.

Jaden Smith is someone who doesn’t want to box himself into certain norms, as seen by his androgynous style. We know that the 23-year-old singer likes women but does not label himself with any single sexuality or gender identity–a refreshing outlook for its own sake!

Lately, there has been increased curiosity about what people call “genderqueer” because it’s becoming more commonplace than before; however, I think many will still never understand this term unless they experience firsthand how wonderful life can be living outside traditional constraints.

When asked why he started to talk about his sexuality on Flower Boy, Tyler replied: “I don’t know. It’s a literal question and the thing about humans is we hate not having an answer.

“We hate not being in the know. So people will bullshit answers, make shit up, instead of being just, like… I don’t know. There are some things that are just unexplainable.”


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Is Jaden Dating Someone in 2023?

Jaden Smith is not afraid to show off his love for men, having revealed that Tyler The Creator was his boyfriend. He’s linked with several different celebrities since then and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be slowing down anytime soon!

Jaden Smith has been linked to many different women over the years, but it looks like he’s finally found someone who can keep up with his fast-paced lifestyle. Rumours say that Jaden is dating model Sab Zada after they were seen out together in Beverly Hills on Valentine’s Day of 2022!

Sabrina, more commonly known as Sab, is a social media influencer with a popular YouTube channel. On her channel, she posts videos of makeup tutorials and product hauls. She has amassed 49 thousand subscribers and recently signed a contract with the Select Modeling agency in Los Angeles. With photos that are pleasing to look at on her Instagram account, Sab Zada has won the hearts of many young people, including Jaden Smith.

sab zada and jaden smith

Considering that Sab Zada was the last person seen hanging with Jaden Smith, it could be possible they are still together. And considering his dating history doesn’t include a lot of men other than Tyler The Creator and their relationship seems solid enough for him to make such an announcement without any reservations or worries about how people will receive news from someone so young in an age when he says “I’m married.”

Who is Sab Zada?

Sab Zada is an American model, YouTuber, Instagram star, social media influencer, and musical artist. She is famous for her social media posts, especially on Instagram, where she enjoys a huge following. She is also known for posting YouTube videos, ranging from vlogs to beauty tutorials. Sab has graced the covers of numerous magazines, including Elle and Vogue.

She has also been featured in campaigns for major brands such as Adidas and Calvin Klein. In addition to her work as a model, Sab is also an accomplished singer and songwriter.

Her debut single, “Superficial Love”, was released in 2019 and quickly went viral. It has since been viewed over a million times on YouTube. Sab is clearly a multi-talented individual with a bright future ahead of her. There is no doubt that she will continue to achieve great things in the years to come.

No Definitive Answer

Ultimately, only Jaden can declare his true orientation with certainty. Thus far, he has chosen ambiguity, refusing to clarify rumors and speculation. Fans searching for a definitive answer on Jaden Smith’s sexuality will likely remain guessing for the foreseeable future.

Jaden exists outside traditional binaries, much like his boundary-breaking fashion. For now, the actor seems content avoiding labels and embracing freedom of expression.

Debunking Myths Around Jaden’s Orientation

Let’s examine common myths around Jaden Smith’s sexuality and why they may be misguided.

Myth: Jaden’s style means he’s gay.

As discussed, Jaden’s gender-bending fashion does not inherently reveal his orientation. Conflating the two promotes outdated stereotypes. Jaden sees no male/female divide in how one dresses or presents themselves.

Myth: Calling Tyler his “boyfriend” makes Jaden gay.

This comment alone does not confirm Jaden’s preferences. It’s unclear if he was joking or what the nature of their friendship entails. Jaden has never officially stated he strictly dates men.

Myth: Jaden keeps his sexuality secret.

This assumes Jaden is hiding something. More likely, he simply doesn’t feel the need to define or announce his orientation to the world. As an iconoclast, he resists expectations to categorize himself.

Myth: Being LGBTQ runs counter to his upbringing.

On the contrary, Will and Jada encourage their children to live authentically. They would likely offer Jaden unconditional support regardless of his identity.

Why Speculating Can Be Problematic

The continuous speculation about “Is Jaden Smith gay?” raises some ethical concerns:

  • It perpetuates the idea that sexuality exists in a binary of gay/straight. Jaden clearly sees it as more fluid.
  • Assuming based on superficial traits promotes stereotyping. Jaden is an individual, not a collection of cliches.
  • Forcing labels on others can be restrictive. Jaden should have the freedom to not define himself.
  • It overemphasizes popularity over privacy. Jaden’s orientation is nobodies’ business but his own.


Q:1 How old is Will Smith’s son Jaden?

25 Years Old.

Jaden Smith has worked hard to achieve the net worth that he has today. According to Celebrity Networth, Smith has a net worth of $8 million, quite impressive for someone his age.

Anyway we have covered something old to solve your confusion, thank you so much for reading visit GeeksULTD for more updates

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