How to Breed Strombonin? Breed Your Own Strombonin – The Perfect Addition to Your Musical Orchestra!

Are you a fan of My Singing Monsters and want to add the elusive mythical monster, Strombonin, to your collection? Look no further, as we have compiled a complete guide for breeding this unique monster. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to obtain a Strombonin on Cold Island and Mythical Island, as well as how to breed a rare variant of this musical creature.

What Is Strombonin?

Before we delve into the breeding process, let’s learn more about Strombonin. This mythical monster has a pangolin-like body and is covered in shiny scales. What sets it apart is its symbiotic relationship with another creature, Strombone, which resides inside a conch shell carried on its back. Together, they produce a trombone-like sound that can upgrade your musical symphony.

Appearance and Characteristics

Strombonin has a unique appearance and characteristics, with a body resembling that of a pangolin and covered in shiny scales. It carries the Strombone, which resides inside a conch shell, on its back, and the two work together to produce their distinctive trombone-like sound.

Understanding the Basics

To successfully breed Strombonin, players must combine specific monsters with the right elemental mix. Each monster in MSM is characterized by a unique combination of elements, crucial in the breeding process.

Habitat and Requirements in the Game

On Cold Island, Strombonin requires three beds and has a 2×2 size. Once fed up to level 15, you can teleport it to Mythical Island, where it costs either 225 gems or 500 diamonds for placement. It likes Spunge, Cataliszt, Kab’s Wax, Shrini, and Cave Crystal Teleporter, so it’s essential to provide these items to keep them happy and productive.

How to Breed Strombonin

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Strombonin:

  1. Breeding Spunge: Begin by breeding monsters that embody the elements of Air, Plant, and Water. Some effective combinations include Dandidoo and Toe Jammer, Quibble and Potbelly, or Oaktopus and Tweedle.
  2. Obtaining Bowgart: To get Bowgart, focus on combinations that yield Plant, Water, and Cold elements. Suitable pairings are Maw with Potbelly, Oaktopus with Mammott, or Furcorn with Toe Jammer.
  3. Breeding Strombonin: Once you have Spunge and Bowgart, place them in the breeding structure for the standard duration of 23 hours. Remember, the success rate for breeding Strombonin is not guaranteed but can be enhanced with the use of Wishing Torches.

Breeding Strombonin on Cold Island

To breed Strombonin on Cold Island, you need to combine two monsters: Spunge and Bowgart. However, keep in mind that this combination can also result in a rare Potbelly or a rare Toe Jammer if they are available at the store at the time of breeding. The breeding/incubation time for Strombonin is 23 hours.

Breeding Strombonin on Mythical Island

To obtain a Strombonin on Mythical Island, you first need to hatch it on Cold Island and feed it to level 15. You can then transfer it to Mythical Island and breed it with Cataliszt, another mythical monster. This will result in an egg that can hatch into either Cataliszt or Strombonin.

How to Breed a Rare Strombonin

Breeding a Rare Strombonin on Cold Island

To breed a rare Strombonin on Cold Island, use the same combination of Spunge and Bowgart, but the rare Strombonin needs to be available at the store during the breeding process. The breeding/incubation time for a rare Strombonin is also 23 hours.

Breeding a Rare Strombonin on Mythical Island

On Mythical Island, you can hatch a rare Strombonin in the same manner as a regular Strombonin. However, the rare Strombonin needs to be available during the process of breeding a Cataliszt with a Strombonin. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your breeding process will result in a rare Strombonin egg.

Advanced Breeding Techniques:

Teleporting to Mythical Island: Strombonin cannot be teleported to Mythical Island until it reaches level 15. However, after successfully transporting one Strombonin to Mystical Island, you can breed a duplicate by pairing Cataliszt and Strombonin.

Breeding Rare Strombonin: Players also have the chance to breed the Rare Strombonin using the same monster combinations. However, it’s important to note that Rare Monsters, including Rare Strombonin, are breedable only during specific periods announced by the game developers.

Economic Aspects of Breeding:

Monetary Value: The regular Strombonin can be sold for 168,750 Gold, while its rare counterpart fetches a higher price of 375,000 Gold, offering an interesting economic dimension to the breeding process.

Try Your Luck at Breeding Strombonin

Now that you know how to breed Strombonin and its rare variant, it’s time to try your luck at adding this unique monster to your orchestra. Remember to provide the necessary items and monsters to keep it happy and productive. Happy breeding!


My Singing Monsters offers players an engaging experience of breeding and collecting unique musical creatures. Strombonin is the perfect addition to your orchestra with its distinctive trombone-like sound, symbiotic relationship with Strombone, and mythical qualities. Follow our step-by-step guide to breed Strombonin and its rare variant successfully.


Q1. Can you breed Strombonin with any other monsters besides Spunge and Bowgart?

A1. No, the only way to breed Strombonin is to combine Spunge and Bowgart on Cold Island.

Q2. Do you need to feed Strombonin to level 15 before transferring it to Mythical Island?

A2. Yes, you need to feed Strombonin to level 15 before transferring it to Mythical Island.

Q3. How can I increase the chances of breeding a rare Strombonin?

A3. You can increase the chances of breeding a rare Strombonin by lighting up the Wishing Torches.

Q4. Is there a way to earn diamonds in My Singing Monsters without buying them?

A4. Yes, you can earn diamonds by completing certain goals or achievements in the game.

Q5. Can I sell my Strombonin?

A5. Yes, you can sell your Strombonin for 168,750 coins.


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