According to a Source, Pixar Removed a Gay ‘luca’ Plotline, Asking ‘how Do We Do This Without a Love Interest?’

The news comes as Disney continues its scrutiny over Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

The Walt Disney Company has come under fire for funding politicians that support anti-discrimination bills. Many people are angry about this because they feel it flies in the face of free speech and artistic expression, while others believe corporations have no place deciding what issues should be addressed through politics or not at all when there’s so much other work that needs to be done around society like solving poverty rates among other things

According to a Source, Pixar Removed a Gay ‘luca' Plotline, Asking 'how Do We Do This Without a Love Interest?'

Disney was originally planning on funding state legislators who voted for the bill but eventually backed down after facing public backlash.

The LGBTQ community has been putting pressure on Disney to make its movies more welcoming. While the company recently incorporated subtle references in some of their films, many critics feel like they have done a sufficient job at incorporating this population into what’s being shown and told through storytelling for generations yet still come under fire from those who want them to change how it is handled moving forward instead

The input states that there are people out here demanding changes while others believe enough progress has already happened regarding equality within society as a whole; however…

In a world where studios are still figuring out how to be inclusive, it’s refreshing when one studio takes a step in the right direction. The new report from Variety says that Pixar has been having internal discussions over whether or not same-sex kisses should appear in their films and decided for now only showing opposite-sex couples sharing some romantic moments will have to do as they work towards including more diversity within storytelling itself rather than just actors’ personal lives

It sounds like there could’ve been some tension among employees at this company because we all know what happens behind closed doors!

The tension between representation and reality is something that has pervasive in the film industry for years. Films like “Soul” and ‘Inner Mind’, which took place primarily within New York City or San Francisco respectively almost included LGBTQ references but details such as a rainbow sticker on one window were ultimately scrapped at times because it might be too much pressure to include them all while still being true-to-life with what’s happening now… But perhaps this most tangible example can help us better understand how these two concepts struggle together: Luca 2022!

“Luca” is a story of two friends who share the same sea monster lifestyle. The film’s creative team has discussed themes related to sexuality, but refused to specify whether these characters are gay or straight because it would be too easy for audiences and critics alike – some have even interpreted their relationship as romantic!

The director of “Luca” was determined to show that no matter what kind of difference, people are always welcome in his film. He wanted everyone who watches it to feel seen and represented; but some viewers took issue with the lackluster LGBTQ representation on display throughout this story about two friends finding themselves falling for each other–especially after they noticed there wasn’t an explicitly out character anywhere nearby!

It’s been reported that Pixar executives considered making the character of Giulia, a human girl in “Luca,” gay but they couldn’t figure out how to write an openly LGBTQIA+ person without having them fall for another man. A source at this studio says there have been intense internal discussions about whether same-sex couples should be included as background shots on recent films and it looks like someone finally found their answer: No!

I can’t help wondering what would happen if we all took time out from our busy lives just so

“I know it sounds crazy, but we came up against the problem of how to make this movie without giving them a love interest!” said an employee at Pixar. They went through many different ideas and ultimately decided on one which made sense for their story – abandon all hope ye who enter here

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