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A documentary is a type of film that aims to provide viewers with truth, facts, and information they may not know before. Documentaries can take on many different topics, including history or nature, making them great for educational programs in schools too!

To inform. To influence the world around you with your story, or just share some laughs at how life is sometimes funny!

How to Watch ‘hillsong: a Megachurch Exposed’, Ending Explained

The benefits of pursuing non-fiction filmmaking are many and varied – from entertaining audiences to educate them about new topics, such as more expansive worlds beyond our backyard.

The Hillsong church has been in the spotlight recently for its portrayal on the Aussie TV show, Bunheads. But many don’t know that there are sexual abuse allegations against this beloved Christian group! The documentary explores these claims and whether or not they have any truth to them, sparking quite a debate among Christians everywhere about faith-based institutions like churches that practice honesty with each other instead of lying just because someone wants something terrible done.”

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Hill Sitcom: A Megachurch Exposed is an entertaining and insightful look at Hillsong Church, one of the most-watched churches in Australia.

The Netflix original features interviews with members who share their stories about growing up inside this robust faith-based community and what gives them hope for its future–including how it has helped countless people find peace despite facing challenges both within themselves or outside society itself!


Hillsong is a large, influential church that has grown rapidly in recent years. The leader of this movement and Steven Furtick recently spoke at length with those who are interested in what it means to be a part pastor/part hype man for his followers on Twitter when he addressed the subject matter from an unusual perspective: “A lot can happen during your average week.”

The new show, “In Search of…,” opens with a dedication to those who have gone before us and shown the way. The premiere episode aired on Thursday this week- it’s available for a free trial today or you can subscribe now at $5/month without commercials!

For those who don’t know about the streamable notes, it is available on Amazon Fire TV and AppleTV among others.

Though it’s only a mini-series, there is no reason to expect the documentary won’t return for another season.


Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed is streaming now on Discovery Plus. It has already aired in Australia and New Zealand, where it gathered huge ratings for the church with its passionate worship music that spans generations! The show will premiere later this year when it goes live across America- check out these exclusive clips from episode one before you subscribe so far.

Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed is streaming on Discovery Plus. It has been available for free for seven days thanks to an offer from the platform, but after that you need a subscription at $5 or more per month with commercials if it’s going be featured in your country–or just regular price without ads if not!

What’s in the News?

A new Christian documentary will be released this week and we’ve included a news release from its distributor.

The Hillsong Church is a place where people come to find hope and peace. But lately, it’s been coming under scrutiny for its less than ethical practices, so we’re going inside the church with this new docuseries that will pull back all of those curtains exposing what goes on behind them!

In this new docuseries, the church will be investigated from all angles. The first episode of “Hillsong: beneficiating victims” is set to air on ABC soon and promises eye-opening moments as it profiles various ex-members who have come forward with claims about trauma they experienced at Hillsongs’ hands

Airing every week until May 2019 – here’s one you’ll want to watch especially if your family has ties in Australia!

IT ISN’T THE FIRST DOCUMENTARY ABOUT HILLSONG two other Docs might be interesting to you:

Hillsong Church is a popular Australian church that has been around for almost 30 years. It’s located in Sydney, Australia, and draws people from all over the world to experience their version of Christianity firsthand! However when you hear certain rumors surrounding this place they can leave an impression on your heart – even if it’s not good sometimes…

The latest Storyville episode “Hillsong Church: God Goes Viral” explores how some people think about Hillsongs-as if there was anything wrong or shameful about them at all? And why does God need so much attention anyway??

Hillsong, an Australian worship leader and composition duo (Rebecca Cooper & Stuart Townend), has released a statement on their official website complaining about content used in the documentary “Gods And Goddesses.” The film follows Hills worshippers as they travel to different temples around Asia where people practice religion with ancient rituals still existing today.

In response to this production documenting idolatry practices which do not align with God’s word taught throughout scripture; such things being polytheism-, sex trafficking- etc., one would assume that Hills churches are against these Archaic beliefs but it seems like there might be some other explanation behind why we’re seeing more negative reactions than usual lately…

In sum: It appears

Hillsong has released a statement regarding the documentaries that have recently come out focusing on their church.

The company claims they are “galled” by what was done to Hills intensity and sincere apology in one film while another showed completely different events happening than reported with no context provided for viewers making it hard not to believe everything seen as truth simply because there’s an agenda behind these decisions made which could very well change how people see us at first glance without even realizing why some things resonated more deeply within them after watching this type of media rather than others.

The documentary “A Megachurch Exposed” provides insights into the possible misconduct of Hillsong Church. With locations in 30 countries, it has been said that the leadership of this church gets rich from donations while overworking their volunteers. Additionally, there have been extramarital affairs and sexual assault cases within the church staff that have not been appropriately handled according to what the pastors preach about impurity and lying being evil.

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