Tamara Jo Comer: James Comer’s Wife, Relationship, Kids, Who is She?

James Comer has become a prominent figure in Kentucky politics, currently serving as the U.S. Representative for Kentucky’s 1st congressional district. Through hard work and determination, he has built his political career over the years. Outside of the political arena, Comer values family life with his wife and children.

Early Life and Education

James Richardson Comer Jr. was born on August 19, 1972 in Carthage, Tennessee. He was raised in Tompkinsville, Kentucky on a Monroe County farm. After graduating from Monroe County High School in 1990, Comer attended Western Kentucky University.

In 1993, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from WKU. Comer was active in the Kentucky Future Farmers of America organization during college, serving as chapter president. This foreshadowed his future agricultural leadership roles within the state.

Launching His Political Career

After college, Comer returned home to Monroe County. He co-founded James Comer Jr. Farms, a 2,300 acre grain and cattle farm, with his family. Comer also became president of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce from 1999-2000.

Comer’s political career began when he was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives in 2000 at just 27 years old. He represented Kentucky’s 5th House district until 2012. During his tenure, Comer earned a reputation as a conservative, supporting rural areas and agricultural issues.

In 2011, Comer won election as Kentucky’s Commissioner of Agriculture. As commissioner, he focused on promoting the state’s farm products and expanding markets for Kentucky agriculture. He served in the position until 2016.

Elected to U.S. Congress

After an unsuccessful gubernatorial bid in 2015, Comer set his sights on national office. In 2016, he ran for Kentucky’s 1st congressional district seat and won the general election. He succeeded fellow Republican Ed Whitfield, who had retired.

Comer has been re-elected to represent Kentucky’s 1st district multiple times since his initial 2016 victory. The district covers a wide swath of western Kentucky, including cities like Bowling Green, Paducah and Hopkinsville.

In Congress, Comer has served on the Committee on Oversight and Reform as well as the Committee on Agriculture. He has advocated for issues like border security, healthcare reform, and economic development in rural areas.

Chairing the Oversight Committee

With the Republicans regaining control of the House in 2022, Comer achieved a new leadership role. He was selected to serve as the Chair of the influential House Oversight Committee for the 118th Congress.

As Oversight Chair, Comer has publicly stated he will not continue investigations into former President Donald Trump. However, he is leading probes into President Biden’s family finances and business dealings. Comer has also pledged rigorous oversight of government spending and the Biden administration policies.

Long-Lasting Marriage to Wife Tamara Jo “TJ” Comer

In his personal life, James Comer has been happily married to his wife Tamara Jo “TJ” Comer for over twenty years. The two tied the knot in 2000 and have three children together – daughters Reagan and Aniston, and son Harlan.

While TJ maintains a relatively low public profile compared to her congressman husband, she has always supported Comer’s political career. She has joined him at events and been acknowledged by Comer as a source of love and encouragement.

On social media, Comer often proudly shares photos with his wife and kids. For their 20th anniversary in 2020, he posted a heartfelt tribute to TJ, thanking her for being an amazing wife and mother.

Despite Comer’s time-consuming job, he has made family time with TJ and their children a priority. The Comers reside in Tompkinsville, Kentucky within Comer’s home district.

False Abuse Allegations During 2015 Campaign

In 2015, Comer was running for Governor of Kentucky when past abuse allegations surfaced. Marilyn Thomas, an ex-girlfriend from Comer’s college days in the early 1990s, claimed he physically and emotionally abused her back then.

Comer strongly denied the accusations and said they were “false allegations” fabricated to damage his gubernatorial bid. The matter did not result in any legal action or charges against Comer. His wife TJ also publicly defended him as a loving husband who never abused her.

While the allegations may have impacted voters, Comer ended up losing the four-way Republican primary to Matt Bevin by just 83 votes. Bevin went on to win the governorship that November.

Rising From Controversy

Despite the abuse controversy, Comer managed to bounce back politically. Just a year later in 2016, he won his race for U.S. Congress.

Comer continues to represent Kentucky’s 1st District today and has attained a key leadership role in the new Congress. While the old allegations occasionally resurface, Comer has maintained his denial of any wrongdoing.

Now focused on his job in Washington, Comer seems to have put the controversy behind him. With TJ and their children cheering him on, he is dedicated to keep advancing his political career. Comer’s journey shows his resilience and how family can provide critical support during difficult times.


From his agricultural upbringing to the halls of Congress, James Comer has become a major figure in Kentucky politics. While dealing with his share of controversy, Comer has persevered thanks to his own determination and his family’s steadfast support.

Balancing his conservative principles with dedication to his job and family, Comer has solidified his place as an influential leader. His ongoing political rise will ensure Comer remains a name to watch on both the state and national level.


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