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Patrick Wayne Swayze was an American actor, dancer, and singer who was born on August 18, 1952 and passed away on September 14, 2009. He was best known for his romantic, tough, and comedic lead roles. He was also well-known for his media appearance; In 1991, People magazine ranked Swayze as the “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Swayze received three Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy or Musical Film; This was because of his roles in the 1987 romantic comedy Dirty Dancing, the 1990 thriller Ghost, and the 1995 road comedy To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. Additionally, he appeared in well-known action films like Road House (1989) and Point Break (1991).In 1997, he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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In 2012, Swayze was honored posthumously with the Rolex Dance Award because he co-wrote and recorded the popular song “She’s Like the Wind.”At the age of 57, Swayze passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2009.


In a show called Disney on Parade, Patrick Swayze made his first appearance as a professional dancer for the Disney Theatrical Group. At the height of disco’s popularity, he starred in a Pabst Blue Ribbon commercial depicting him going on a date at a disco-themed nightclub with Pabst’s then-jingle set to disco music

In the moving M*A*S*H episode “Blood Brothers,” he played Private SturgisIn the same year, he starred alongside Barbara Eden in the television movie Return of the Rebels. In 1983, he made a brief appearance as Bandit, a gang leader, on the short-lived television series The Renegades.

After starring in the 1983 film The Outsiders as the older brother of C. Thomas Howell and Rob Lowe, Swayze rose to prominence in the industry. In the same year, Swayze starred alongside Gene Hackman in the Vietnam rescue film Uncommon Valor as a trainer for the United States Marine Corps. Swayze, Howell, and Howell’s friend and fellow The Outsiders actor Darren Dalton appeared together in Red Dawn alongside Jennifer Grey the following year.

In Youngblood, Lowe and Swayze reunited. Swayze starred in the 1985 television miniseries North and South, which was set during the American Civil War. Swayze also starred in the low-budget 1987 film Dirty Dancing, which was supposed to be released for only one week and then go to video.

Along with his frequent co-star Jennifer Grey, Swayze played resort dance instructor Johnny Castle. Swayze was able to dance, fall in love with Grey, and show off his training in professional dance in the story. Swayze co-wrote and sang “She’s Like the Wind,” one of the songs on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, in addition to acting and dancing. Other artists have since covered the song, which became a Top 10 hit.

The song was originally written by Swayze and Stacy Widelitz for the 1984 film Grandview, U.S.A.The coming-of-age story from Dirty Dancing was a surprise hit at first and then had huge international success. As of 2009, it had earned over $214 million worldwide, making it the first movie to sell one million copies on video.

In addition, the movie inspired a number of alternative, or derivative, versions, including stage productions, computer games, television series, and stage productions.  Swayze became very popular after Dirty Dancing, and he appeared in a number of movies, including Road House in 1989, which starred Sam Elliott, Ben Gazzara, and Kelly Lynch.

Patrick Swayze 2 weeks before he died on September 14, 2009

How Patrick Swayze Died

On January 9, 2009, Swayze was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Swayze had been a heavy smoker for 40 years and once admitted to smoking 60 cigarettes per day. He claimed that his disease probably “had something to do with” his chain smoking, and he continued to smoke cigarettes while receiving cancer treatment. Swayze passed away on September 14, 2009, with his family by his side. He was released from the hospital on January 16 to rest at home with his wife.

On April 19, 2009, doctors informed Swayze that cancer had Swayze died 20 months after he was told he had cancer. His publicist told CNN that he had pancreatic cancer. His body was cremated, and his ashes were scattered all over his New Mexico ranch.

Patrick Swayze, a phenomenal actor, and dancer, passed away at the age of 57. Swayze is most well-known for his leading roles in Dirty Dancing and Ghost, though he has starred in many other memorable films. After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, Swayze died surrounded by his loved ones.

Swayze was not only an incredibly talented actor but also an incredibly kind and humble human being. In an interview shortly after his diagnosis, Swayze said “I keep dancing because it makes me feel alive.” Even in the face of such a devastating illness, Swayze continued to live his life to the fullest and was an inspiration to all who knew him.

Patrick Swayze will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and fans around the world. He was a true icon and his legacy will live on through his unforgettable performances.

Here’s the last pic of Patrick Swayze


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